About Victoria Pynchon

is an author, keynote speaker, and consultant whose work is dedicated to closing the wage, income and leadership gap for women. With her business partner, coach and adult learning specialist Lisa Gates, Victoria developed a transformational negotiation training program designed to take advantage of women’s known negotiation strengths and to avoid the sand traps of their weaknesses. Victoria has trained executives, managers and professionals at Intel Corporation, Qwest Communications, Warner Brothers Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, dozens of major international law firms, the USC and Pepperdine Schools of Law, the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a diverse array of women’s organizations. The work of She Negotiates has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, the New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and dozens of smaller news outlets.

Men, Women and the Emotion of Business

Being emotional has often been frowned upon in the workplace. But do men and women show emotion differently and what effect does this have in the working world?

Yes, Virginia, There is a Wage Gap and California Has Pledged to Close It

Californian legislation has acknowledged the wage gap and is introducing legislation to change it. What will this mean for employers and other states?

Block Past Salary Questions; They Perpetuate Gender Wage Disparities

You're looking for a new job but not sure how to answer about your past salary. Answer this tricky question, and earn what you deserve, with these tips.

Men v. Women: Who’s Better Under Stress?

Too often the studies that pit men against women are premised on gender stereotypes, draw unsupported conclusions based on genDERalities, Set against this gender stereotyping who then performs best under stress? Victoria Pynchon explores this thorny question.

The 10 Commandments of Negotiation for Women

The 10 Commandments of Negotiation for Women - 10 key negotiation rules for professional women. How many do you break?

Negotiation script is the issue, not gender

A trained negotiator will always have a better script than someone who has not been trained. Negotiation skills are learned. Learn why from Victoria Pynchon.

Why Women Want To, But Don’t, Learn Negotiation Skills

There are dozens of reasons women want to, but don’t, take the opportunity to learn negotiation skills. Find out why we women don't step up and the benefits  we would gain if we did! Read what Victoria Pynchon,  international negotiation skills guru, author and writer on ForbesWoman She Negotiates has to say ....
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