4 REAL tips to find your passion

If you could find your passion, would you be truly happy? Here are 4 real tips that debunk the myths around finding your passion.

How your voice impacts your Executive Presence

How can you integrate your voice if it impacts your executive presence. Despite what we think it is a learned skill.

5 ways to hone your telephone voice

Good telephone skills are extremely valuable and in today's internet world very often overlooked especially when it's an important part of your executive presence. Here are 5 ways to hone your telephone voice.

Women @ Work – Statistics of Women Who Lead [Infographic]

Women today are making professional strides at an unprecedented level, take a look at some statistics and sounds bites from women who lead.

Your voice, your weapon

Your voice can make a difference. It is an expression of who you are and a valuable professional tool to express yourself in a more powerful way.

Body shaming of successful women has to stop

Serena Williams is built like a man? Really? You think? This trend to judge successful women on their appearance and worse, body shaming, has to stop!

How Do You Measure Self Worth?

Does what we do, our professional status, the level we achieve in the company, the amount of money we make, equate to our self worth?

Freelancing is a female issue

More and more women move out of corporate life and into the relatively precarious role of freelancing, independent or self-employment with unforeseen consequences.

Why Greek politicians need leadership coaching

Christina Pravi's thoughts on the Greek default. She suggests as an HR specialist that the Greek politicians would have benefited from leadership coaching

6 ways hard working dads can support gender balance at home

How do hard working dads maximise quality time with their families? Learn how to tip the balance back to a level you and your family are happy with! 3Plus asked Ian Hawkins of Inspired dads to suggest ways ways men can support gender balance at home

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