How to dress up in a dress down culture

How to dress up in a dress down culture. Learn some tips and tricks to stand out in the office, but in the right way.

5 Steps for Creating an Awesome Work Environment

When you are trying to keep your focus on getting your job done in the most creative, fun, and joyful way possible, office drama and gossip can be very distracting. Take these 5 steps to overcome this.

Reverse mentoring – Major takeaway from #HRTechEurope

The importance of reverse mentoring was one of my major takeaway from #HRTechEurope.

What Leadership Means to Today’s Working Woman

How do today’s women define success? More importantly, what does leadership mean to women, and how can they become better, more successful, leaders?

10 ways to change your attiude to challenges

Use the challenges in your life as a spring board for progress and development, not as a barrier. Learn 10 great tips to leap forward!

How to add dash without cash to your work wardrobe

Add dash without cash to your work wardrobe without annoying your boss!
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Give your day a boost with the 3Plus #HappySoundsLike Playlist

#HappySoundsLike - check out the 3Plus play list for international happiness day! Pay it forward and let us know which is your favourite!

Banish the Boring CV: How to Add Flair to Your Applications

How long has it been since you updated CV? Do you still use an old tired document from years ago? Banish the boring CV with these great tips!
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How will you celebrate International Happiness Day?

Do you think happiness delivers success or you have to be happy to be successful? How will you celebrate international happiness day?

The 5 habits of introverted leaders that extraverts could emulate

Susan Cain in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking talks about the challenges of being an introvert in a world where the extravert personality is highly valued. Here are 5 habits of introverted leaders that extraverts could emulate

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