9 Holiday season job search myths busted

Here are a number of holiday season job search myths that encourage job seekers to postpone or slow down their job search. Here's why they are debunked!

How to get that promotion – 7 tips to get ahead!

Ready to get that promotion but not quite managed to grab it? Here's 7 ways to make sure you move up the ladder. Let's get more women in C-suites!

Gender parity and alcohol consumption

Women have finally achieved gender equality in something; alcohol consumption. Why are women drinking more and what will the long term impact be? Esther Myers investigates.

The unwritten rules of the employee handbook

Each company has its unwritten rules and those who know how to use them to their advantage. Don't be left in the dark, find out how to use them for you!

Planning your pregnancy for career success

So you're expecting and now planning your pregnancy but have you covered everything? Here's 8 things you should consider before you start maternity leave.

The 12 People Skills You Need to Succeed Without Authority

Today's workplace requires you to engage and collaborate throughout the organization. To succeed you must know how to influence others especially when you do not have positional nor decision making authority. You can achieve this with these 12 people skills from Kate Nasser.

5 tips to make the most of holiday cards for networking

Making the most of holiday cards for networking can be a good way of cementing relationships with a gracious personal touch. Here are some dos and don'ts.

Meals on heels – debate around public breast feeding

With news stories of women being harassed and companies changing their policies, public breast feeding still seems a controversial and taboo topic.

Good manners are a soft skill in decline

Good manners are a soft skill and they seem to be on the decline. What impact will this trend have on our workplaces and wider culture

Learning leadership skills is a waste of time

You can read hundreds of books and take classes on learning leadership skills and yet still find yourself lacking. Marcia Reynolds explains why learning these skills is a waste of time.
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