Mindset – The Energy You Bring to Work Ripples Out Beyond the Workplace

We know the importance of a positive mindset for our own benefit, but your mindset affects not only those around you but those around them. A managers mindset can make or break how staff interact with them. Monique Valcour looks at how this works.

#Brussels2016 Mini-Mentoring Event – another hit

The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Event was designed to meet needs of even the mst relucant networker. Read the top career advice tips from our Brussels Mentors.

Banish technology from the bedroom to improve sleep quality

We all know the importance of a good nights sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your mood and work performance. If you're getting 8 hours but still feel tired, your phone could be to blame. Find out how to cut it out and sleep better.

When Spending Time With People Gets in the Way

It can feel that spending time with people takes up valuable working time and get's in the way of progress. However forgetting to take the time with your colleagues can be even more damaging. Find out why with Marcia Reynolds.

The Daddy Bonus

Women continue to provide the higher level of child care in the home and men are still perceived as providers perpetuating the idea of a daddy bonus.

Does Putting Yourself First Pay Off?

Putting oneself first - Do you do it without feeling selfish? D A Wolf looks at why putting yourself first can pay off!

The New Masculinity: Beards, Braces, and Artisan Beers

The rise of hipsters and lumberjack chic have exposed a new type of masculinity. What is men's role in this new gender fluid world? Alice Bell investigates.

Internal profile – Your missing piece of the career puzzle

Working hard but feel like you are missing something? The lack of a strong internal profile could be holding you back. Found out what it is and how to strengthen it here.

The presence culture battle and women’s careers

Presence culture is an outdated business model and creates a "families are for wimps" mentality which serves no one well - especially companies.

Changes in recruitment means you should too

With so many changes in recruitment it can seem impossible to keep up. Don't let yourself be left behind. Here's how to adapt to the new ways to recruit, with advice from head hunter Dorothy Dalton.
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