The Importance of Being Care-full

Gwyn Teatro talks about the distinction between caring and care-taking when it comes to leading others, and what it means to care and why it’s important.

Naomi Bloom: How HR can drive Gender Balance in Tech

I was delighted to interview Naomi Bloom in HRTech World in Paris last month. Our hot topic - how HR can drive gender balance in tech .

Is there a Gen Y Chore War?

Gen Y were all born after the bitter equal-rights battles of the 1970s, and have been raised to expect gender equality but is there still a Chore War?

5 tips to lead above office gossip

Office gossip is insidious and damaging to workplace culture and relationships. Here are 5 ways to lead above it. Three words. Don't do it!

How do you manage communication preferences?

In an increasingly complex world, it's managing communication preferences is becoming challenging. How do you handle it?

OPINION: Don’t put your cell phones on the table!

What do you think of the modern day habit of putting cell phones on the dinner table? Do you do it?

4 reasons to job search during the holiday season

People make assumptions about putting their job search on hold during the holiday season. Here are 4 reasons why this is a mistake.

Success and morning routines of regular women

What are the morning routines of regular women? Do you think they impact success? We look at the morning routines of normal women and ask them what they make of the routines of successful women.

Beating the unpaid internship trap

You can’t get the job you want because you don’t have enough experience but is an unpaid internship the way forward?

OPINION: A Boomer response to Strong message from Gen Y

Jan's Boomer response to OPINION: A strong Gen Y message to Boomers - her reaction to bridging the gap between generations

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