Women Who Inspire: Béa Ercolini, Managing Editor ELLE Belgique

As part of its Women who Inspire Series 3Plus talked to Béa Ercolini Managing Editor ELLE Belgium for her tips and insights for professional women

3 Ways to Enhance Leadership Qualities with Empathy

Empathy is one of the most important leadership qualities. It will improve all your leadership conversations and your ability to influence and manage change.

The media and the image of women

A disturbing conversation with her teenage sons cause Claire Soper, 3Plus Image Consultant to examine the negative impact of the media on the image of women, which is starting at an ever younger age. She shares how it's important to honour ourselves inside and out.
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How to pick jewelry for an interview – 8 dos and don’ts

How do you pick jewelry for an interview. Diamonds are a girls' best friend.... or are they? 8 dos and don'ts for interviews

Women who Inspire: Lolly Daskal – speaker, author, business thought leader

Continuing our Women who Inspire series 3Plus had a chance to talk to Lolly Daskal, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Author, described by Huffington Post as “One of the most inspiring women in the world.”

Assessing Leadership Qualities – Versatility is Critical

When people talk about which leadership qualities matter most, they usually overlook the concept of strengths overplayed. In reality this may be the more problematic issue for most leaders, and it's what two experts are discussing in Conversations About Leadership.

E: Ending with Excellence and Eloquence

The ending of a career and the beginning of a new one can bring excitement and "agita" to your world. What happened when you decided to take that leap of faith?
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5 mistakes to avoid when negotiating your salary

Women are often reluctant to negotiate for themselves especially when negotiating their own salary. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when negotiating your salary. Make sure you are not making them.

3 Es for Insights on Leadership Styles

Jone Bosworth knows that lessons in leadership styles occur within and outside formal leadership roles. Her story demonstrates the benefits of going beyond conventional literature, leadership assessments and programs. Jone's story demonstrates how experimenting outside our comfort zone leads to discoveries about how we lead.

To Grow as a Leader, Know Your Leadership Qualities

If you want to grow as a leader, start by assessing your leadership qualities. Identify your strengths. Learn how you use and overuse them. Know which leadership qualities are in shorter supply and develop strategies for addressing them.

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