Wow your Audience in impromptu speaking! The Hook

Sandra Lizioli, in the first of a four part series shares tips with us on how to wow our audiences in impromptu speaking The first step covers the introduction and why we need an attention grabbing "hook".

Ladies why you need business cards

Business cards are being used less frequently but they are still vital at major networking events. Why you need business cards.

Divorced Professional Woman: Story 2

How does a divorced professional woman raise children, grow her career, maintain a home and continue her search for Mr. Right? I can assure you, it's not easy. But when you have angels on your side, (as I do) miraculous things happen.

Volunteering: how women can pay it forward

Nicola Jesse describes the impact her involvement in a children's charity had on her when she visited a children's orphanage in Belarus.

Women Leaders Can and Should Do Better

Women leaders should, and can, raise the bar for all leaders. Women leaders should, and can, play a role in redefining what is of value and how it's measured, whether in the world of business, government, or the non-profit sector.
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    Tales of a Divorced Professional Woman Searching for Mr. Right: Take 1

Tales of a Divorced Professional Woman Searching for Mr. Right: Take 1

I’ve changed my M.O.

Why do I need online dating when I have kids who are on the hunt for me each time we leave our humble abode?

I talk openly with my children about what I want in a relationship. And they know that I want to get married some [...]

Escalating childcare costs impact women’s careers

Escalating childcare costs impacts women's careers. Read about the challenges and choices women and men face.

Don’t Ban Bossy – Be a Leader

The word bossy has pejorative undertones. Megan Jones suggests this is a really a compliment and a necessary skill for any leader male or female.

C-Suite for Professional Women and 20 Feet Away

Twenty Feet from Stardom, a movie about women backup singers, gets my 3 thumbs up! The music alone is worth your time. The film also sheds a different and very important light, on women in back up roles, whether they're 20 feet from center stage or 20 feet from the C-Suite. It got me thinking about advocating the C-Suite for professional women versus shining a light on the women who are often 20 feet away, barely visible, while making it all happen.

Lack of career planning hurts professional women

Growing research suggests that women can do more for themselves to advance their own careers and a lack of career strategy and planning is hurting them long term.

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