How to Improve Your Financial Success in a Difficult Economy

Does a challenging economy keep us from having the financial success we want? If so how can we improve our financial situation in a difficult economy

How to block and report inappropriate contact on LinkedIn

Many women cite fear of unprofessional contact on LinkedIn as a deterrent from joining. Here's how to block and report any offenders

Why it’s best to get into business mode during a divorce

Divorce is painful, even for those who want a relationship to end. Emotions run high, but here are 5 ways to get into business mode during a divorce
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How to improve your body language AND relieve your stress

Have you ever wondered how stress impacts your body language? When the body is free the mind is relaxed. Learn some simple tips to achieve this!

Role Models to our Children

Have you ever overheard your children playing, and realise they were just mimicking you!! Is this why we are not good role models to our children?

5 basic tips to write effective emails

204 million emails are sent every minute. Research shows that 64% experience tension and confusion with email communication. Here are 5 basic tips to write effective emails

Insight: The stand out lesson from top professional women

Insight - the stand out lesson from professional women I have come across this year.

Pros and cons of standing desks

The jury is still out on standing desks. Here are a couple of things to think about before making an investment

Late career women revitalize female talent pipeline

Late career women are a great resource to strengthen the female talent pipeline and leadership bench. Smart companies are tapping into late career skills to achieve company objectives.

4 REAL tips to find your passion

If you could find your passion, would you be truly happy? Here are 4 real tips that debunk the myths around finding your passion.

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