Interview with Jenny Garrett, award winning coach and author

3Plus recently caught up with the multi-talented and faceted Jenny Garrett, recently awarded the APCTC Coach of the Year 2014. We discussed the challenges in her career and advice for professional women

6 Tips for managing and nurturing introvert energy

Understanding the energy differences between introverts and extraverts is important to find balance. Here are 6 tips to manage your introvert energy.
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5 things to do BEFORE negotiating your salary

The best time is before the offer has been made so that if necessary you can do the necessary preparation and research. Here are 5 things to do before negotiating your salary

3 tips to HOLD your audience during a presentation

Put the wow factor into your public speaking. Sandra Lizioli shares 3 tips to hold your audience as part of her series Wow your audience during a presentation.

Interview with Lisa Gates – speaker, author, and negotiation consultant

Recently we talked with Lisa Gates about what were her greatest challenges, the people who influenced her and what piece of advice she would give to women on their professional choices:

Most common job interview questions

All interviews are different but nevertheless any hiring manager or recruiter will be assessing three key things at a job interview. Find out what the most common job interview questions are;
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Migraines and Getting to Know You: A Friends Love Story

Friends can hold each others hands, women especially, as they journey through the peaks and valleys of relationships.

Static male culture, static stats

Static male culture = static stats. Women can't be what the can't see and hear. Why we need gender balanced conference panels

Check list for powerful Virtual Presentations

You must first learn the art of presenting in the virtual environment in order to keep your virtual audience engaged and inspired, for them to take the next step. Read Kimberli Allen's simple checklist

Negotiation script is the issue, not gender

A trained negotiator will always have a better script than someone who has not been trained. Negotiation skills are learned. Learn why from Victoria Pynchon.

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