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slowing down
Mid-Summer Roundup 1
Catch-up with our most popular posts of the early summer in our Mid-Summer Roundup. As the lazy days of summer…
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James Damore is the tip of iceberg
Why James Damore should not be a surprise
Every company has a James Damore The D & I world reeled last week when a Google employee James Damore…
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leadership success
One Essential Secret to Change Leadership Success
One key way to drive your leadership success Leadership success is vital in all businesses but there’s one major block…
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Management Material
If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material
Identifying and assessing management material is complicated Learning and development opportunities are now a key part of an employer brand.…
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confidence overrrated
Is Confidence Overrated?
Is our faith in confidence overrated? How much do our levels of confidence shape our decisions and destinies?  I was…
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The lack of female CEOs IS a pipeline problem
An article in the NYT says the reason for the lack of female CEOs is not a pipeline problem. Dorothy…
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How affinity bias impacts the recruitment process
Affinity bias at first seems like common sense - hire who you click with. But is it actually contributing to…
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Female ambition
The double bind of female ambition
Female ambition is still a dilemma for many women We push women to be ambitious and aim for the top,…
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new job first impression
Five Ways To Make A Good Impression In A New Job
How to make a great impression at your new job Any new job is daunting, and your first impression could…
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