3Plus offers a portfolio of solutions for corporate clients who seek to strengthen their female talent pipeline in four main areas!

Executive Search and Diversity Recruitment

The demand and competition for high potential women is growing fast, as companies understand the business benefits of having top women in their teams. Research indicates significant returns on shareholder equity with a strong gender dividend. Companies are relating gender balaanced and diverse teams to management KPIs. The competition for top female talent is hotting up as companies focus on hiring diverse teams.

You will have to change the way you source, attract and hire women. 3Plus offers specialist services in executive search and diversity recruitment to hire the best female talent.

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Career and Leadership Assessments, Coaching and Workshops

3Plus brings years of experience and research in the field to the table, working with organizations to identify the sand traps in their corporate cultures that are barriers to the advancement of women and gender balance. Our corporate services solutions include career development programs for all levels to create top-down, bottom-up cultural change.

Companies can select leadership and executive coaching, as well as competence training from our team of top international coaches to support the development of women professionals in their organizations.

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3Plus Lunch and Learn Programs

3Plus offers short laser training and coaching programs which can be delivered in during office hours either in person or on line.
Our on-line training and coaching programs work well for busy executives who can enhance their skills without leaving the comfort of their own offices. Recordings will be issued after each session with resource documentation as appropriate. Some segments require pre-session work which will be sent in advance of the session.

The sessions listed are our “off the peg” offerings but customized programs can be designed to meet your needs.

In person sessions can be set up by arrangement in any geography.

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Unconscious Bias Training Workshops

The business case for diverse and gender balanced businesses is incontrovertible. Yet there is something holding us back from creating diverse teams. Research has shown that it is the unconsicous actitvity of our brains that interefere with our objective decision-making. Unconscious bias training requires senstivity and meets resistance. Reactions to it can be emotional. “Not me… I’m not biased. I’m a nice person”

Unconscious bias training is not an HR issue. It’s a business issue. In the same way any organisation would offer training to improve anything that could be a barrier to business success, unconsicous bias training needs to be treated in excactly the same way. Organisations should build unconscious bias training programs into their general onboarding and management development programs to create inclusive and diverse teams built on respect and trust.

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Mentoring Programs

There aren’t enough women at senior levels to act as female role models and to mentor and encourage women coming through the ranks. Contact us now if you need women supported in the following areas in your company

  • Onboarding into new roles
  • Improving gender balance
  • Leadership development
  • Career management and progression
  • Competency building
  • Knowledge exchange

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Access to our international network of endorsed coaches and certified mentors who guide you to success at each stage of your career and onto the next.

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