Mentoring Programs

There aren’t enough women at senior levels to act as female role models and to mentor and encourage women coming through the ranks.  Contact us now if you need women supported in the following areas in your company


Onboarding into new roles         Improving gender balance         Leadership development Career

management and progression     |     Competency building     |     Knowledge exchange

Choose from a suite of options:
3Plus International can offer your company a range of mentoring solutions to ensure women in your company succeed at every step of their careers.
  1. A custom designed in-house mentoring program
  2. 3Plus matches women in your company with internal mentors– highly accomplished professionals within your organization committed to helping other women succeed. 3Plus trains both mentors and mentees in our 1 hour online training program “Get the Most from Mentoring” to manage expectations and to guarantee successful outcomes. As mentees grow professionally, they become mentors to others, creating a mentoring culture in your company. The programme also includes mid-point facilitation and an end of process debriefing.
  3. Matching with an external mentor from our Mentor Gallery
  4. With so few women in executive roles, it is hard for organizations to find all, or the right, mentors internally. If you need an external mentor, we have a register of senior women mentors located internationally. We currently offer mentoring services in 10 languages (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Hungarian, Romanian and Welsh).
  5. An in house Mini-Mentoring Event
  6. 3Plus International’s signature Mini-Mentoring event brings together talented aspiring women with executive women mentors who share real-life career advice and wisdom in a high energy, fun and professional environment. Sponsoring a Mini-Mentoring event for women in your company, enhances your employer brand with a message that your company values and accelerates female professionals, while:
    • expanding professional networks
    • resulting in business development opportunities for your company
    • building self-confidence and inspiring women to pursue leadership roles
10 corporate benefits of high quality mentoring programs for women:
  1. Creates and fosters a mentoring culture
  2. Creates an ongoing pool of role models and mentors for up and coming women, as mentees become mentors.
  3. Grows the network of women in your company who support each other’s development and contributions.
  4. Becomes a mechanism for savvy women to help determine the next steps in your company’s women’s leadership initiatives
  5. Grows the female “talent puddle” into a genuine talent pool
  6. Extends and develops key skill sets
  7. Enhances speed to productivity and achievement of bottom line objectives
  8. Strengthens your employer brand for attracting top talent
  9. Fosters employee loyalty
  10. Reduces talent attrition and avoids the “groom to lose“ cycle. Why grow your competition’s talent?
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Gwyn Teatro
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