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Beat graduate unemployment! Head to China

Rather than face a depressed U.K economy and graduate unemployment, GenY-er Alice Bell takes off for China and shares her first experiences of Chinese business practises after only 3 weeks in her new job as an English teacher.

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Intuition: Are You Ignoring One of Your Greatest Tools?

“I had a feeling something was not right about him/her/it the whole time. I should have listened to my intuition.” How many times after a bad relationship or work situation have you said this to yourself? Rory Kelly Connor tells us why we should trust our instincts.

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5 Steps to Raise your Visibility

Marion Chapsal gives us 5 key ways to raise our visibility, find our voices and take charge of ourselves! Why are women not heard in meet­ings, not seen dur­ing a net­work­ing event, not noticed by their col­leagues, their boss, worse, not acknowl­edged for their con­tri­bu­tions, not given any credit, nor pro­mo­tion… Find out what you can do here!

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Failure: The other “F” word

Gwyn Teatro says “Failure happens. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference between growth and stagnation; happiness and despair. As a human being, I’m not always going to handle failure well, but I like the idea of going for the glory.”

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Gen Y: The Volunteer Workforce?

Imogen Woodward graduated from university last month and is thinking about the exploitive cycle of unpaid internships many of her friends are competing for. Read more about what Gen Yers face as they enter the workforce, or try to.

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Breaking Gender Barriers in the Automotive Industry

Maria Raquel Di Ciero Fernandes shares her experiences as the first female engineering intern, breaking down barriers in Brazil’s male dominated automotive industry. A few years later 40% of the department were women – including the manager!

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Women and Bad Language

Jane C. Woods looks at new research from the UK, which shows that men on boards see women as weak and reveals why lone women adopt male behaviors.

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