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GenY Women in China

Life has never been easy for Chinese women. Until the early 20th century, women were tied to their family home. Gen Y-er Alice Bell shares her fascinating observations of life for Gen Y women in China today. With more educated women than there are jobs, Alice looks at some of the options they explore and the situations they encounter.

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Spain and the Brain Drain

Victoria Sturley looks at the impact the recession has had on Spain and the pressure on women in particular. Thousands of highly educated young people are now looking for opportunities outside Spain leading to a significant brain drain..

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Negotiating: In Big Girl Panties

Are people pushing your hot buttons? The good news is you can learn to stay clear and keep your cool, even when everyone around you is losing theirs – by negotiating.

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Mini mentoring event was a hit!

Thirty women gathered in New York City for 3Plus International’s signature mini mentoring event.They came from Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey and the Big Apple. The room was abuzz with energy.There were women in finance, medicine, publishing, marketing, and coaching. The twitterati were there as well. Five superb mentors shared their experiences and advice…

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Women and leadership styles

Alison Whistler shares her experience of working in an organisation where 4 out of 5 of the Directors are female. “Are we radically different compared to other companies? We face the same everyday challenges that any business has to deal with in terms of dealing with staff, clients, IT, marketing, management and all that other stuff that gets in the way of doing my job as a lawyer. So how is it different?”

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