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Over-sharing or double-bind for working mums?

It’s back to school time. Should a working dad be able to reference this busy time professionally without comment and a working mum be taken to task? Is this over-sharing or another sub-conscious bias and double bind working Mums face! Read…

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Midlife Dating: For Those Not Yet Dated

How did I, a happily (or so I foolishly thought), married woman of almost eighteen years, devoted mother of three, and dedicated career woman, get to be a forty-year-old divorced single parent? How did I end up at midlife dating? Installment two of Anita’s Adventures or her post divorce life where she is Losing Him Finding Me

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A Woman’s Brain – or is it Two?

Dr. Anne Perschel, 3Plus co-founder, discovers by way of Todd Akin, that a woman’s brain is two brains in one body. The second brain, the uterine brain, is capable of complex thinking and commanding the body about what to do and what not to do.

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Divorced at Forty and Still Becoming

September 23, 2007, a woman inside me died. September 23, 2007, I discovered that I would soon be divorced. Over the next five years I searched for the woman within. That woman… Meet Anita.

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Road Warrior Wisdom: Three Ways to Health and Fitness on the Road

Karin is a “Road Warrior,” whose heard or overheard many conversations that go something like this: “You know how it is with business travel. I’ve gained 10 lbs since I took this new job. Not much you can do
“I am just so tired, all I want to do is go to my hotel room and crash.”
“Wow, what a day, I think we deserve some ice cream… don’t you?”

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Office Dress: Making It Work for You

It can be a challenge to find the right office dress, those perfect outfits that are both professional and speak to a sense of your unique style. Azhra Aljabri thought so and she is doing something about it. She founded Mode-sty, a shopping site for professional women who want to be stylish and dress for success. Ashra has office dress dos and don’ts for 3Plus readers.

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Expat – iating Business

Ali Meehan runs Costa Women, a social and business networking group for women living on mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands, or women planning on living in Spain as part of their life plans. She shares how the factors that guide many expats in taking the plunge to move overseas, can be applied to business…

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