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Women in Business – Do We Need to Toughen Up?

For women to enjoy greater success in business we have to give and receive less protection and sympathy. By doing so we will become greater risk takers and position ourselves as visionary leaders. This vignette illustrates how and why.

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The deeper implications of hair! Emancipation!

A universal struggle for most women. Is it in the workplace? Is it in relationships? No – it’s ON their heads. Hair! Gwyn Teatro shares her own experiences and the deeper implications of what it means to be liberated from the daily battle! …

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Listening to women’s voices

When you listen to women’s voices on the radio or television do they please you, surprise you or irritate you? It is widely believed by radio managers that the audience does not want to listen to a feminine voice. Annabel Kaye explores the tones of women’s voices …roars or whimpers?

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Self Knowledge: Who is on Your Elite 18 List?

Jennifer Sertl tells us how to go deep and find self knowledge, a skill needed to thrive as we move from the old need to have to the new “need to share” relationship based economy. She suggests we develop and use our Elite 18 list.

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Mining Rocks! A career in a male dominated world!

Semba Collier shows us how her education took her into a career in the male dominated sector of mining and on a professional adventure leading her to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Australia and Peru. She shares how her greatest hurdles have offered the best opportunities for success and how we are all project managers of our individual lives.

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