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Asking For Help

Gwyn Teatro tells us why she believes that asking for help is not a weakness – but NOT asking is!

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Shake or Stir! The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Cocktail

What do you get when you mix one super bossy facilitator, a panel of 8 highly experienced mentors willing to share and support other women, 40 more open minded women looking for answers and some fun …….the 3Plus Mini Mentoring Event Brussels

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Meet our Brussels Mentors

Meet the inspiring group of women who led the 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Event in Brussels on Thursday! They did a wonderful job and the feedback has been brilliant! THANK YOU!

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Support or a special place in hell???

Susan Popoola tells us why support is much more important than quotas and one of the most critical factors that will enable women to succeed at various levels within society – inclusive of at a Board level. But it is also important to extend the reach and support women further afield… .

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Roots of Power: Sweet Secrets of Women at the C-Suite, Part 2

Whitney Johnson, President and founding partner, with Clay Christensen, of Rose Park Advisors was interviewed by Anne Perschel for research on Women and Power. Anne shares what Whitney has learned on the road to becoming a respected and powerful business-woman, including her discovery that there are multiple roots of power.

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(3 + 2) Sweet Secrets of Women at the C-Suite

For the past year, we’ve been interviewing women at the C-suite. Now 3Plus International readers can learn what these executive women told us about power – how they understand it, how they earn it, and how they use it to for the betterment of the business, the community and the stakeholders.

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