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Designer jeans and interviews

Why did Armani jeans result in an interview rejection? Probably because in most places they are not considered formal attire…except perhaps at Twitter..

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Taking a Look at the Comfort Zone

Do you feel comfortable? Regular contributor Gwyn Teatro suggests that the danger does not lie in being in the comfort zone. It lies in staying there too long. The question is, how long is too long?

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Mademoiselle, Non. Ms, Yes

At the beginning of January the French town Cesson-Sévigné banned the use of ‘Mademoiselle’ in official documents. Do you care if you are indentified by your marital status in officialdom? Anna Foden tells us why she does…

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Overcoming double under dog status requires the right mindset

Vesselina Petrova grew up in Bulgaria, peeping out from behind the iron curtain. When she moved to breathe the
” free” air of the West as a student, she tells us how she developed her career in her new home country as the double underdog, an immigrant and a woman. She maintains it’s all about mindset…

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