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Relationship Fluency in Today’s Workplace

Relationship fluency is an aspect of life that most of us think is important at home. But as our workplaces are built on relationships, maybe we should consider relationship fluency in all parts of life. Esther Perel explains why.

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World Menopause Day 2018

World Menopause Day is about reducing the stigma around the menopause. It affects 50% of the world and as such it should be something that is dealt with clearly and openly in the workplace. So why is it still a taboo?

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Inappropriate sexual conduct – who thinks about it?

Men think about inappropriate sexual conduct in one situation only. Jackson Katz the US creator of programs around gender violence asked a group of men what strategies they consider to avoid inappropriate sexual conduct. The answer he received was, that they didn't...

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LinkedIn and an employment gap

There are many reasons for why someone might take a career gap these days, but it can still be hard to know how to explain an employment gap on LinkedIn or even your CV.. Here are some ideas for you.

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