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7 strategies to explain a career gap

Even the most confident person can be nervous about explaining a career gap. But in today’s climate the stigma has shifted and more and more people are taking professional time outs for a variety of reasons.

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How to stop someone taking credit for your ideas

How do you deal with someone taking credit for your ideas? It can be a boss or a colleague, but the feeling is the same and it can be bewildering to know quite how to handle the situation. Should you mention it at the time or just suck it up and get over it? But most importantly how can you avoid someone taking credit for your work again.

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23rd April 2019 at 1800 Podcast with Virgina Franco Executive Storyteller, Resume & LinkedIn Writer

25th April 2019 at 1800 EVE Programme, an initiative of Danone. Twitter Chat “Harnessing Positive Psychology for a Smarter Leadership"


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