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5 reasons for a career pivot

A career pivot is when your career literally turns around or changes direction. Sometimes this can be a matter of personal choice or it can be forced on someone.

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Navigating innuendo – challenges for male mentors

Common challenges for male mentors when they mentor women It is essential that we acknowledge the challenges for male mentors and that they may need a different approach to mentoring men. Male mentors certainly need some coaching to build awareness of some of the...

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Different language needed to beat diversity fatigue

We have a disconnect between the talk around creating diverse and inclusive workplaces as diversity fatigue sets in. Perhaps we need to describe our efforts in more basic language. Respect, tolerance and open-mindedness. Would that make a difference?

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5 big traps for women leaders

Not all women are the same, but there are some common traps for women leaders that we need to be wary of. And don’t worry, we have solutions for them too.

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