March 12


01:00 pm - 01:45 pm

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Why we should all check for gender washing

Especially when we apply for a new job. A company might sound like they are diverse and inclusive, but make sure to do a thorough investigation into gender washing.

So you’ve done all your research on your company and what sounds like a perfect job! You are excited and have been called for interview. Congratulations! But you still have some outstanding questions. How do you know you are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire or even joining a company that’s worse than the one you are already in.

Join this Power Coaching session on March 12th 2020 to find out how to dig a little deeper to establish if this organisation is really committed to advancing women or just ticking the appropriate boxes.

Many women are afraid to do that in case they are labelled as “trouble makers” or “difficult”. But if that’s the case is this really the organisation for you?

Learn in this short and focused power coaching session the best strategies to formulate questions to get the answers you need, to help you make an informed decision. You want to advance your career not set yourself back because you missed  a piece of vital observation.


Who should attend? Any one who is in a job search process, is thinking of changing jobs or more importantly considering an offer! Don’t waste any more time.

Thursday 12th March 2020. 1200 GMT / 1300 CET / 0700 EDT



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