3Plus Coaching Mini-Coaching: Networking Your Way to Success
From the comfort of your home

Networking events are not the time to catch up with the people you know!

Networking events are a great place to meet new people!

Most people stand around talking to the people they already know, while this may do something to strengthen your current network, you also need to grow your network. Approaching people you don’t know can be awkward so you need some strategies to make it comfortable for you to stay connected to those you know, meet new people and follow up in a meaningful way.

Call ahead and ask for a member to meet you and make introductions.

Alice Heiman, sales strategist, master connector and creator of The BizTalk Blender®, The Ultimate Networking Event, has trained hundreds of professionals how to get beyond the handshake and begin relationships that lead to success. She teaches you what to do – before, during and after – the networking event, so the people you’ve met eagerly await your call. Effective networking is what you need to build a core, powerful group of resources and Alice will show you exactly how to become an event networking master.

In this virtual mini-coaching session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Learn how men and women network differently and how this can hold us back.
  • Develop a networking strategy that helps you achieve your goals
  • Get introduced to those you want to meet … even when you don’t know anyone at the event
  • Ask questions that help you develop a relationship
  • Share an engaging message that leaves them wanting to hear more


BONUS: All participants  will receive Alice’s eBook, “Connecting Your Way to New Business.” This will help you implement the teachings from this virtual training course.

WHEN:   Tuesday 3rd February 1000 PDT/1300 EDT/ 1800 GMT/1900 CET (check the time zone in your geography carefully)

NoteRegistration closes 30 mins before the start of the event  

The virtual event space opens 15 minutes prior to start time. Please arrive early to resolve any technical problems and to participate in the pre-event chat.


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