Leadership and Change Management

Innovation – Dare to Disrupt

You’ll learn practical tips along with real-world examples of personal disruption. You’ll also hear how leaders and managers can drive a disruptive mindset for individual and firm-wide innovation.


How to become a corporate Intrapreneur

Why having an entrepreneurial approach to your work and career enhances your leadership skills , how to demonstrate these intrapreneurial skills easily and get your ideas heard and approved!


How to succeed as an introverted leader

Discover the power of being an introverted leader and how to make your mark in culture where extravert values are prized and rewarded


Find your leadership edge

Discover your unique leadership advantage and how to use it for success. A coaching style session for small groups of mid to senior level participants.

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Whitney Johnson is a leading thinker on driving innovation via disruption, having co-founded Clayton Christensen's investment firm. Johnson is a regular contributor for Harvard Business Review and Linkedin; she also speaks and coaches at Fortune 100 Companies, top-tier educational institutions, and industry conferences. Her work has been recognized by Thinkers50, which named her as a finalist for the 2013 Future Thinker Award, while the Wall Street Journal dubbed her one of 20 Money Thinkers to Follow. As a senior sell-side analyst with Merill Lynch, Johnson was the investors' go-to person for critical financial models and color on industry trends. She was recognized as a first-rate stockpicker by Starmine, and earned eight years' consecutive honors as an award-winning (Institutional Investor) analyst. Whitney's book Dare Dream Do can be found on her website.
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