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Cathryn Allen

Expertise and experience in: Media, broadcasting, journalism, general management

Florina Comanescu

Florina Comanescu

Expertise and experience in: Information Technology/ Software Engineering


Béa Ercolini

Expertise and experience in: Journalism, creative communication, general management


Zsuzsanna Frency-Boyd

Expertise and experience in: Manufacturing, supply chain sales and commercial management, Operations, Program Management


Gordana Frgacic

Expertise and experience in: Human Resource Management, career development and international business


Lorraine Hendrickson

Expertise and experience in: Financial services and banking, change management , corporation strategy and global  business operations


Whitney Johnson

Expertise and experience in: Strategy innovation, financial services, investment sector, career disruption


Leda Karabela

Expertise and experience in: management consultancy, cross cultural experience, corporate communication, fund raising, Public Affairs, expatriate experience


Wendy Kerr

Expertise and experience in: Fmcg, marketing and business strategy, start-ups, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship


Lucie Newcomb

Expertise and experience in: Global Business and Marketing Services, Marketing Entrepreneurship

Tanya M. Odom

Tanya M. Odom

Expertise and experience in:  NGO, private/corporate sector, and education arena

Inmaculada Perez

Inmaculada Perez

Expertise and experience in: Luxury, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Real Estate, IT and Chemicals

Dr. Anne Perschel

Dr. Anne Perschel

Expertise and experience in: high tech, health care, finance insurance, consulting

Jocelyne De Pessemier

Jocelyne De Pessemier

Expertise and experience in: Telco retail, team management, customer care, change management , project and process management


Christina Pravi

Expertise and experience in: Career development, change management, HR


Victoria Pynchon

Expertise and experience in: Legal sector specifically litigation, conflict resolution, disputes, diplomacy


Marcia Reynolds

Expertise and experience in: Executive development, career advancement, general management, executive cooaching

Caroline Ryan

Caroline Ryan

Expertise and experience in: Healthcare , IT, Transport, Tele-communications, change management and multi-cultural environments

Gwyn Teatro

Gwyn Teatro

Expertise and experience in: Human Resources


Susan West

Expertise and experience in: Pharmaceutical, manufacturing and financial service industries, education sector as well as a global non-profit


Mary Lynn Ziemer

Expertise and experience in:: IT and Telecommunications sector, general management, cross and multi-cultural  cultural business, work/life