Dr. Anne Perschel

Dr. Anne Perschel, is a leadership and business psychologist, speaker, researcher and author. She has been a consultant, coach and trusted advisor to senior leaders and high potential designees for over fifteen years and has worked with executives at Intel, Philips Medical, CVS, Altera, YMCA, and MIT’s Broad Institute.

Expertise and research – leadership/women’s leadership. Executive coach. Organization Development Manager, Fortune 500 companies. Experience in high-tech, health care, finance, insurance, and retail. Former VP, Mentoring, 3Plus International. Mentor’s role is to see and help grow the tree within acorn.

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Returner Roll Up – Get back on the Networking Horse.
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Returner Roll Up – Learn how to identify your transferable skills
2017-07-25 @ 10.00am - 11.00am
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