Career Reflection Worksheets

Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Use these career reflection worksheets to create a career strategy and plan. Women spend much of their time thinking about others that they neglect themselves. Now is the time to anchor your core values, vision and goals. What are you waiting for?


Most people don’t spend enough time on their inner reflective work and many career decisions can be knee-jerk reactions to a crisis or are poorly thought out. Now is the time to anchor the key elements to your career strategy and planning. Use our worksheets as a basic guideline to give your thoughts some structure. carving out some time once or twice a year is key to creating a career strategy. Yet it’s something that many people fail to do.

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Many people don’t start thinking about their careers until there is a problem. So take a few moments when you are relaxed, to understand what is important to you. Have our Career Reflections Worksheets delivered right into your in-box. Print them out in the old school way or keep them open on your phone. Use them as a guide to give your thoughts some structure.

Why leave something as important as your career to chance when you could be taking charge of yourself. No one is going to take care of YOU except you!