Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment

Self-awareness is your foundation for continuous development and increased effectiveness as a leader. Why? You can’t maximize or change what you don’t see.

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Product Description

At 3Plus International you can choose from a variety of assessments that will help:

  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Identify your leadership development goals
  • Create your leadership development plan

That’s not all!

A highly experienced coach, with a track record for results, works with you one on one; to make sure your assessment results are meaningful and actionable. You and your coach coach identify development goals and create a plan to address them. With your coach as a confidante, advisor, teacher and guide, you identify what changes to make and the actions you’ll take. Your coach helps you address obstacles that stand in the way of change. After the fact, you and your coach review your actions, the results you achieved, and address next steps as needed.


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