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How to be an ideal job candidate
5 ways to make yourself the ideal job candidate Any job search is difficult and making a great impression can…
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Objectifying women in the workplace
Michael Welp challenges men to walk in a woman’s shoes and asks: how objectifying women impacts their experience of the…
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job is at risk
7 subtle hints your job is at risk
It can be hard to tell when your job is at risk and can end with the rug being pulled…
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beating ageism
Beating ageism in job search is a worry for older women
With an ageing workforce, many mature women are struggling to get back into work or change careers. Here's 5 steps…
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change career
5 ways to change career when you have no idea what you want to do
Deciding to change career can be daunting. Don't let fear keep you in a job you hate. Here's 5 ways…
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Should you quit your job? 10 reasons to consider.
Want to quit your job but not sure if you should? Here's 10 reasons to consider before you throw in…
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How to stop sabotaging your career
Want a new job or promotion but feel like your holding yourself back? You could be sabotaging your career. Sarah…
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Mentoring programmes
Mentoring programmes support employee engagement
At a time when employee engagement is at an all- time low mentoring programmes can add significant value towards increasing…
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Male Coded Messages
Why women self-deselect from career opportunities
Hiring and promotion processes are riddled with male coded practices, which is why women self-deselect and halt their own careers.…
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