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social media as your resume
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile?
Can I copy paste my CV onto my LinkedIn profile? Yes you could .... but find out why there are…
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Expatriate women expat
Expatriate Assignment Failure – The Tip of the Iceberg
Moving abroad might be right for the company but is it right for you? Let's look at the reasons behind…
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basic job search tips
10 basic job seeker tips to revisit
In today's complex job search market many women are getting discouraged. Here are 10 basic job seeker tips to make…
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Spring Cleaning Isn’t Limited To Your Wardrobe, Here Are 6 Ways To Refresh Your Resume
Your resume is the key that unlocks your perfect job - don't neglect it! Here's 6 tips on how to…
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You Start To Negotiate Whilst In Diapers. So Let’s Close the Friggin’ Gap.
You might say 'I can't negotiate' and hold yourself back, but you've been doing it since you were a child.…
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Are Women Hard-Wired to Internalize Rejection?
Everyone struggles with rejection and it can be hard to bounce back, but do women internalize rejection harder than men…
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portable career
Present a Portable Career to avoid the Job Hopper label
Today many people are forced to change jobs to increase their salaries. Learn how to shift from "job hopper" to…
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3 ways your interview processes could be putting off talented candidates
You've got positions to fill but you're missing out on talented candidates. Your interview processes could be putting them off.…
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Angry white male
Savvy candidates catch on to interviewer bias
Savvy candidates are getting switched on to interviewer bias. The pendulum is swinging and organisations are going to have to…
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