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How to approach a lifetime of Employability
How to approach a long life of employability With an ever increasing life expectancy comes an ever increasing lifetime of…
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Freelance Mums
Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums
You’ve got children. You’ve got a career. You’ve got a dilemma. Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums by Elizabeth…
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What’s the ‘magic’ ingredient for Career Resilience?
Sarah Archer looks asks is there a 'magic' ingredient for Career Resilience and if so how can we develop it?
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Pregnancy pasue
Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile?
Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile? Do you really need to explain your career gap to…
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job is at risk
7 subtle hints your job is at risk
It can be hard to tell when your job is at risk and can end with the rug being pulled…
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The flexibility stigma – downsides of remote working
Flexible working may seem the idea but there can be many downsides of remote working, with women taking the brunt…
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How to make the most of meetings
How do you make the most of meetings when everyone knows that most are a waste of time. Which onesdo…
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Your role is redundant…what a fantastic opportunity.
Being made redundant is hard time for everyone. Remember the role is redundant, not you! Here's 6 steps to make…
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Job search
3 Exercises That Will Help During Your Job Search
Have your job search muscles been dormant for some time? Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter share 3 exercises that will help during your…
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