I refuse to be afraid of walking alone

For many women, walking alone is scary and frowned upon. We fear being attacked and blamed. We're taught to be scared, but I refuse to be afraid.

Sexism and the ‘alt-right’ – what does it mean?

We've seen the steady rise in open fascism but how are sexism and the 'alt-right' intertwined and where could this lead? Alice Bell looks at the facts.

Gender parity and alcohol consumption

Women have finally achieved gender equality in something; alcohol consumption. Why are women drinking more and what will the long term impact be? Esther Myers investigates.


Young adult fiction is written for readers 12 -18 year. So why do 30 to 44 year olds alone account for over a quarter of sales? Alice Bell investigates.

OPINION: Women can influence Christmas Creep

The celebration of the holiday season is associated with chronic commercialisation, with Christmas Creep starting earlier and earlier. One writer urges us to opt out. This is one area women can influence!
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