Beating ageism in job search is a worry for older women

With an ageing workforce, many mature women are struggling to get back into work or change careers. Here's 5 steps towards beating ageism.

7 small steps towards a bias conscious culture

We know about unconscious bias and diversity quotas but what real steps can we take to be inclusive? Dorothy Dalton breaks it down to bias conscious culture

Why women suffer from gender burnout

Gender burnout is a new phenomenon affecting professional women, brought on by gender unbalance at work, the home and socially. Here's what it means.

Women on strike – a history of resistance

With the women of Iceland organising a major strike this week, Alice Bell looks at how women through history have brought about huge changes through strikes.

#Brussels2016 Mini-Mentoring Event – another hit

The 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Event was designed to meet needs of even the mst relucant networker. Read the top career advice tips from our Brussels Mentors.

The New Masculinity: Beards, Braces, and Artisan Beers

The rise of hipsters and lumberjack chic have exposed a new type of masculinity. What is men's role in this new gender fluid world? Alice Bell investigates.

Social proofing by women and employer branding

Social proofing is a powerful, forward thinking tool that could shape employer branding, but many companies are overlooking it, find out why you shouldn't with Dorothy Dalton

Boomer Work Ethic: Hard Graft Or Just Long Hours?

As a boomer it can feel your work ethic is far superior to Gen Y, but does a longer week really mean you work harder? D. A. Wolf discusses.

7 Professional Lessons from Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes can inspire us to take up sport but there's much more we can learn from them. Susan Heaton Wright looks at the best lessons from Rio 2016.

The angry white male – is not who you think

The angry white male has been a hot topic recently. With irrefutable business benefits there is still resistance to gender balance. Why is that?
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