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Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 Workshop #3

This is the 3rd workshop in our series Lead Don't Lean - Boost your Impact in 2017 How to make your presence felt in meetings. Join Dorothy Dalton and Gilly Wienstein to add some new skills to your leadership tool box.

Make-up or not? Authenticity or compliance?

Professional women are encouraged to wear make - up to appear more competent. But how does that sit with being true to yourself?

Consistency a key element in executive presence

One of the most overlooked elements in career success and executive presence is consistency. It is a key ingredient of gravitas.

Dress for the job you want – not the one you have

Do you still need to dress for the job you want in today's more informal cultures? Why it's important to be promotion ready.

The power of a perfect pencil skirt

When is a pencil powerful? When it's a skirt! A pencil skirt is one of the most important and powerful items in your capsule wardrobe. See how you can maximise it to create dozens of great outfits within your budget.

How to improve your body language AND relieve your stress

Have you ever wondered how stress impacts your body language? When the body is free the mind is relaxed. Learn some simple tips to achieve this!

How your voice impacts your Executive Presence

How can you integrate your voice if it impacts your executive presence. Despite what we think it is a learned skill.

What is Executive Presence? Magic or learned skills?

What is executive presence? Do you have it and can it be learned. Find our about the 3 pillars that make up this new branding trend
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