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How to make the most of meetings

How do you make the most of meetings when everyone knows that most are a waste of time. Which onesdo you attend and how do you stand out when you are there?

10 career lessons learned the hard way

These are the top 10 career lessons that were generated in a recent round table discussions. The ones you don't know until you find our the hard way!

Our blame culture, leadership lessons and an envelope

We have become so caught up in our own expectations for perfectionism which stops us being in the moment and getting wrapped up in our blame culture.

7 top tips for writing a top blog

Blogging is a great way to enhance your brand. But it's not as easy as it sounds. So if you want to become a blogger these great tips are a must read!

5 holiday traditions to dump today

Holiday traditions give us a sense of security and well being. But very often they have lived past their sell by dates. Which ones no longer serve us well and you would dump today?

How to attract talented women to your organisation

Do you need to attract talented women to your company? Attracting talented women and strengthening the talent pipeline is a business imperative.

Duet vs Duel – a communication manifesto

After working with over 150 men and women in gender miscommunication, I have produced a communication manifesto that reflected their combined suggestions. What would you add?

How companies can support Expat Partners

Many international assignments do not succeed because of the unhappiness of the expat partners. Yet many organisations fail to provide adequate support.

I’m an extrovert – give me a break!

There is a lot going on about empowering introverts - but I'm an extrovert and ask you to cut me some slack and give me a break.

Damned and doomed – gender blow back

Gender blow back occurs when women exhibit behaviour that is not associated with female stereotypes. Both corporate and freelance sectors are impacted.
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