gender balance

Workshop: Understanding gender communication differences

"He Said, She Said" Lunch and Learn Workshop to Improve your Professional and Personal Relationships by understanding the differences in the way men and women communicate.

Bill Proudman… Trump, Sexism and the Alt-Right

Has Trump really inspired more everyday sexism and emboldened the alt-right? I interviewed Bill Proudman to get his view on it.

You Start To Negotiate Whilst In Diapers. So Let’s Close the Friggin’ Gap.

You might say 'I can't negotiate' and hold yourself back, but you've been doing it since you were a child. It may be the key to closing the wage gap

The flexibility stigma – downsides of remote working

Flexible working may seem the idea but there can be many downsides of remote working, with women taking the brunt of the stigma and problems.

“Manbassador” hero of gender equality or sop?

You may have heard the term "Manbassador" but what does it mean? And what can they do for gender equality without being gender-lite?

Savvy candidates catch on to interviewer bias

Savvy candidates are getting switched on to interviewer bias. The pendulum is swinging and organisations are going to have to adapt or lose their top female talent.

Gender balance starts at home

A business owner suggests that gender balance starts at home and without that established workplace gender parity will prove elusive.

Why the phrase “stop fixing women” needs scrutiny

We hear 'stop fixing women, fix the system' everywhere but is there more to it than we think? Dorothy Dalton puts it under scrutiny and unpacks the phrase.

Returnships support the female talent pipeline

Returnships are a new way for women who've taken a career break to ease back into a career. It's also a great method for employers to use. Here's why.

Secretaries Day has gotta go – NOW!

April sees another year celebrating secretaries day, but is this an out of date and gender coded tradition? Here's how flowers don't make up for low pay.
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