gender stereotyping

Managing Unconscious Bias – A practical workshop

This workshop with Dorothy Dalton and the Professional Women's Network in Dubai is for professional women providing a brief overview to the role of unconscious bias in both our professional and personal lives.

Why women suffer from gender burnout

Gender burnout is a new phenomenon affecting professional women, brought on by gender unbalance at work, the home and socially. Here's what it means.

Be Your Own Heroine in 2017

With a small rise in visible female super heroes, are we still losing the role models young girls need? Here's a look at how to be your own heroine in 2017.

Doctor’s dismissal of women’s pain “In pain shall you bring forth children”:

With women already avoiding smears sue to fear of pain, what happens when women's pain is ignored by medical professionals? We look at the research.

Why we choose tall men – from Cavemen to CEO’s

Gender based expectations are outdated in a knowledge based economy. Yet we still choose tall men to lead our organisations. Dorothy Dalton takes a look.

Gender balance is a relationship issue first

We talk about gender balance at work but frequently gender balance is a relationship issue first ? What stereotypes do we need to challenge to achieve this?

The mansplaining hotline controversy is a good problem

One American writer says the discussion around the manaplining hotline is like music to her ears. Find out why she sees it as a sign ot true gender balance.

The education pipeline and women in tech

With a dwindling number of women in tech we need to examine what stigmas still exist and how to tackle them as early as possible. Dorothy Dalton explores how gender stereotypes impacts the education pipeline.

Why employers should hire working Mums

Some employers overlook working mums, believing that they can't juggle work and home demands. Here's why they shouldn't be ignored.

5 Things to pay for which aren’t a big wedding

People spend years saving for their wedding & think nothing of blowing thousands on one day. Here's 5 alternatives if you want to spend it on something else.
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