Goal setting

How to stop sabotaging your career

Want a new job or promotion but feel like your holding yourself back? You could be sabotaging your career. Sarah Archer shares how to stop and move forward.

Refresh Your Job Search – Don’t give up!

When your mid job search it can seem gruelling and never ending. Here's some ways to revitalise your efforts and land the job you want!

6 tips to break out of a funk and leave 2016 behind

2017 is here, a fresh start. But what if there's some lingering bad vibes from 2016? Here's 6 ways to break out of a funk with advice from the 3Plus team.

Why female entrepreneurs need to develop a growth mindset

Believing your skills are fixed stops many female entrepreneurs. Learning to have a growth mind set will help you and your company flourish. Here's how to from Nicola Morgan.

7 Professional Lessons from Olympic Athletes

Olympic athletes can inspire us to take up sport but there's much more we can learn from them. Susan Heaton Wright looks at the best lessons from Rio 2016.

Disengagement begins with you

We all want a job and life that fills our passions but soon we forget our dreams and end up disengaged. But we forget that disengagement starts with ourselves.

Why a Simple Plan Helps To Reach Your Goals

No matter what stage of life you are in, the time is now for you to create a simple plan to help reach your goals. Find out how from Mary Lynn Ziemer

How mentoring gave me a new page in a new book!

Rasti Nikolic tells us how her experience on the 3Plus mentoring scheme helped her cope with a period of huge change in her life " some unexpected, some unwelcome." Working with her mentor Dorothy Dalton, she set herself priorities and with determination, persistence and support achieved one of her life's main ambitions...

Goals: Make this the year of less is more

To ring in the New Year, Gilly Weinstein throws out some common-sensical tips on paring down. She tell us that to do more ...we might actually have to do less! Find out how...

Overcoming double under dog status requires the right mindset

Vesselina Petrova grew up in Bulgaria, peeping out from behind the iron curtain. When she moved to breathe the " free" air of the West as a student, she tells us how she developed her career in her new home country as the double underdog, an immigrant and a woman. She maintains it's all about mindset...
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