Good manners are a soft skill in decline

Good manners are a soft skill and they seem to be on the decline. What impact will this trend have on our workplaces and wider culture

Learning leadership skills is a waste of time

You can read hundreds of books and take classes on learning leadership skills and yet still find yourself lacking. Marcia Reynolds explains why learning these skills is a waste of time.

Ambiguity in the workplace – 7 ways to handle it

With uncertainty in many parts of our lives, ambiguity in the workplace can lead to not only an uncomfortable environment but stress anxiety and depression.

How to show poise under pressure

How to stay poised under pressure - a vital leadership quality and key to executive presence.

5 Expert Tips Every Business Leader Should Know

The right connections can bring you new business opportunities. It takes time but, if you make it a priority to grow your network and build long-lasting professional relationships, you will be amazed by the results.

Mindset – The Energy You Bring to Work Ripples Out Beyond the Workplace

We know the importance of a positive mindset for our own benefit, but your mindset affects not only those around you but those around them. A managers mindset can make or break how staff interact with them. Monique Valcour looks at how this works.

When Spending Time With People Gets in the Way

It can feel that spending time with people takes up valuable working time and get's in the way of progress. However forgetting to take the time with your colleagues can be even more damaging. Find out why with Marcia Reynolds.

4 Top Tips to recognise your employees

Have you said thank you to your employees today?

I talk a lot about how to recognise your employees and reward them as a way to increase productivity. Engaging and motivating teams drives performance. It’s a simple equation: happy employees = high productivity and discretionary effort = increased profits.
Most […]

7 reasons why mentoring programmes fail

Mentor support relationships are hard enough for women to get find, but what happens when mentoring programmes fail? Here's 7 reasons why they do.

Master your meeting – how to make an impact

Leading a meeting it hard enough - it has to be productive but not boring. Here's 6 tips on how to keep your team engaged and get the most out of your time.
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