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How to manage workplace politics without drama
Workplace politics can be a minefield, especially if you want to avoid drama. Here's 4 tips on how to navigate…
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Delegation: Part Negotiation, Part Coaching
Delegation is a key part of managing a team but without the right coaching it can waste more time than…
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Unconscious Bias
Time to address the bias in HR
Unconscious bias in HR is something that is not talked about very much at all. Yet it's a topic that…
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8 Ways to Get a Difficult Conversation Back on Track
Having a difficult conversation can be draining and hard to get back on track. Here's 8 tips to take on…
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Why do we even talk about female leadership?
Some grasp to the idea of female leadership as the key to a feminist workplace but is this gendering holding…
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The Best Compliment You Can Get as a Leader
As a leader you can constantly worry about having all the answers and being perfect, but actually humility and owning…
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“Manbassador” hero of gender equality or sop?
You may have heard the term "Manbassador" but what does it mean? And what can they do for gender equality…
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How to do benefits and salary negotiation the right way
Your Negotiation Outcomes Will Tank Until You Do These 5 Things
Everyday is just navigating different negotiation outcomes. How can you get what you want without ending up in the gender…
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The 'alt-right' hates most but is recruiting women
Men, Women and the Emotion of Business
Being emotional has often been frowned upon in the workplace. But do men and women show emotion differently and what…
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