Consistency a key element in executive presence

One of the most overlooked elements in career success and executive presence is consistency. It is a key ingredient of gravitas.

Why women leave – it’s not complicated

Why women leave their companies is a burning question in many sectors. The reality is that the answers are very simple.

Disrupt Yourself: Five Good Reasons Why

Whitney Johnson suggests that when you disrupt yourself, you not only cope with the forces of disruption, but impact your whole environment. Find out how.

Why we need to reframe failure

One writer suggests we need to reframe failure and what it means. Do we use it too freely by dramatizing small mistakes and minimizing big ones?

Unlocking the Energy Another Job for Leaders

What does it actually take for people to unlock hidden reservoirs of energy from others. This is another job for leaders.

Authenticity in leadership re-examined

Many women say that they want to be authentic in leadership. But what does that mean? Does it suggest a reluctance to change and grow?

The upside of micro-management

Micro-management gets a bad rap. It's also something women are accused of frequently. But there is an upside associated with this characteristic.

A Women’s network – the growth of 1230 TWC

Jackie Groundsell is MD of the highly successful women’s networking business, Read her story and the development of the 1230 The Women’s Company Ltd.

Donald Trump – why we need more female leaders

What can we do when our male leadership hits a public all time low? This is a time for female leaders to step up.

The 10 Minute Guide to Brush Up Your Management Skills

What do you do if your management skills need a tweak? Here is a 10 minute guide to brush them up and get into shape!
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