Top 10 inspirational quotes from strong women

Here are the 3Plus top 10 inspirational quotes from strong women! Which inspirational quote motivates you?

What Leadership Means to Today’s Working Woman

How do today’s women define success? More importantly, what does leadership mean to women, and how can they become better, more successful, leaders?

The 5 habits of introverted leaders that extraverts could emulate

Susan Cain in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking talks about the challenges of being an introvert in a world where the extravert personality is highly valued. Here are 5 habits of introverted leaders that extraverts could emulate

Courage is the ultimate fashion statement

Why are women trying so hard to impress? Why aren’t women powerful enough and have the courage to wear hoodies?

Discomfort creates breakthrough thinking in coaching

Coaching starts by building trust and rapport, but as the conversation goes Marcia Reynolds explains why it's necessary to cause discomfort to create breakthrough thinking .

How Do You Define Yourself? A cog in a wheel or an “owner”?

Ava Diamond tells us how she began to define herself as an artist and shares her thoughts on the way we all perceive ourselves in organisations. Are you a cog in a wheel or do you have a stake in the outcome?
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Men v. Women: Who’s Better Under Stress?

Too often the studies that pit men against women are premised on gender stereotypes, draw unsupported conclusions based on genDERalities, Set against this gender stereotyping who then performs best under stress? Victoria Pynchon explores this thorny question.

Balancing the introvert-extravert equation

Ann Lewis looks at the introvert - extravert equation, whistling softly for the introvert to tell us how they do make great leaders.

Women bosses: caught between a rock and a hard place

According to recent research from the fashion brand Hobbs this summer on women bosses,  34% of women aged 18 and over said they would prefer to have a male boss. Why don't they talk about the 66% of women who show no gender preference? Is this more of the stereotyping of women bosses that we caught up in?

The Female Leader & The Workplace

Women have had it tough in the workplace since the beginning of time. However things have moved on immensely since the dark era of the ‘suffragettes’ struggle for women’s rights. Read about the challenges facing the female leader today

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