Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 Workshop #3

This is the 3rd workshop in our series Lead Don't Lean - Boost your Impact in 2017 How to make your presence felt in meetings. Join Dorothy Dalton and Gilly Wienstein to add some new skills to your leadership tool box.

Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 Workshop #2

Lead Don't Lean - Boost your Impact in 2017 Workshop #2 - Stepping into your Leader shoes - Join Gilly Weinstein and Sofie Ann Bracke to learn some simple yet powerful leadership behaviors and to identify what holds you back from being the leader you want to be.

What’s Hot + What’s Not in Executive Resumes – 2017

Executive resumes can be a mine field. What to include, what not. Here's 6 things you should include as well as advice on how to avoid common mistakes.

18 Things Respected Well-Liked Leaders Consistently Do

Respected well-liked leaders inspire, engage, and foster organizational success. Kate Nasser shares her list of things well-liked leaders consistently do.

Inside the Psyche of a Successful Female Professional

Looking for a successful female professional to be your role model? Here's some advice from successful women on how to become one yourself.

Lead don’t lean – 3Plus Launches Leadership Programme

Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 with the 3Plus Leadership Program. Now is the time to take charge of your own career and gain new skills, learn new tricks get out of your comfort zone and to make a greater impact.

Little Mix and a Leadership Lesson

Little Mix perfoming micoroscopic trench coats with Charlie Puth dressed in a suit provided a surprising leadership lesson.

Why we choose tall men – from Cavemen to CEO’s

Gender based expectations are outdated in a knowledge based economy. Yet we still choose tall men to lead our organisations. Dorothy Dalton takes a look.

Good manners are a soft skill in decline

Good manners are a soft skill and they seem to be on the decline. What impact will this trend have on our workplaces and wider culture

Learning leadership skills is a waste of time

You can read hundreds of books and take classes on learning leadership skills and yet still find yourself lacking. Marcia Reynolds explains why learning these skills is a waste of time.
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