How to Develop the Courage to Be Sensitive

We're told being tough gets you to the top, when really the ability to be sensitive will not only make you an approachable leader, but a stronger one too. Here's 7 tips on how to get the right balance.

How to tackle a difficult conversation

Approaching and having a difficult conversation isn't fun for anyone but there are ways to make it better. Wendy Capewell helps you tackle them.

5 important steps to manage an older team

Having to manage an older team it can seem daunting, making you question your experience and authority. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your team.

Time is money, but how much is yours worth?

Time is money and when you don't use your time well, it becomes worthless. Wendy Kerr gives her tips to get the best value from yourself and your team.

When your manager won’t talk to you

Manager won't talk to you? Not sure what they think of you? Wendy Smith looks at how to break down barriers and get them to open up.

Managing the human side of change management

Whilst change is one of life's certainties, managing it always easy. Philippa Ibe shares how to manage and alleviate the human side of change management.

Values-based leadership needed more than ever

The Brexit crisis has shown an absence of values-based leadership. Now is time to take personal stock and reflect on what is important to each of us.

8 tips for leading a low ambition team

Low ambition teams frequently are populated with women. However, low ambition should not be confused with low effectiveness.

“ANYONE BUT HILLARY” – The Problem with Women in Politics

In politics, as in business, you need a certain proportion of women in power to effect change, so why do we have a problem with women in politics?

Consistency a key element in executive presence

One of the most overlooked elements in career success and executive presence is consistency. It is a key ingredient of gravitas.
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