Lunch & Learn Guide to the new LinkedIn user interface

Join Dorothy Dalton, International Coach online for a Lunch and Learn Coaching Session to Make the Most of LinkedIn in 10 minutes a day with new user interface

Changes in recruitment means you should too

With so many changes in recruitment it can seem impossible to keep up. Don't let yourself be left behind. Here's how to adapt to the new ways to recruit, with advice from head hunter Dorothy Dalton.

3 reasons for a second email address on LinkedIn

An increasing number of people use online platforms for storing contacts which is why its good to have a second email address on LinkedIn.

9 Ways to Communicate on LinkedIn

The best ways to communicate on LinkedIn
Earlier this week we talked about Using LinkedIn to find a New Role – Now use my 9 top tips on how to communicate on LinkedIn

Multiply your connections. Start with your personal contacts, from your current supervisor to your hairdresser. Play around with the […]

LinkedIn – Should I connect with people I don’t know?

Networking or just another sales pitch? Learn how to filter the people that can help you from those who treat LinkedIn like a show room.

Millennial Message to bosses on LinkedIn

Message to bosses on LinkedIn. You look creepy when you share or like sexy images on LinkedIn. Avoid those red faces in the C-Suite - it's damaging your credibility.

Sex sells even on LinkedIn

Women are waking up to the idea that sex sells even on LinkedIn. Do sexy photos have a place on LinkedIn or is it a form of pimping for publicity?

How to block and report inappropriate contact on LinkedIn

Many women cite fear of unprofessional contact on LinkedIn as a deterrent from joining. Here's how to block and report any offenders

7 Ways to Commit to Linkedin

Business women today need to take advantage of the great networking and relationship management tool, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a very powerful tool when used correctly

Why all women need a strong LinkedIn profile

Why do women need a strong LinkedIn profile? Dorothy Dalton tells us why a strong LinkedIn profile can make a difference to advancing women's careers and why you need to make it a priorityi
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