maternity leave

Is Work Life Balance a Gender Neutral Issue?

Conversations about work-life balance and parenting usually focuses on women, but is it really a gender neutral issue? Here's why we need to talk about it.

Women Pushed Out of Work After Maternity Leave

Returning after maternity leave can be daunting enough but you could even lose your job. Jenny Garrett looks at the reality for many new mums.

Planning your pregnancy for career success

So you're expecting and now planning your pregnancy but have you covered everything? Here's 8 things you should consider before you start maternity leave.

Why employers should hire working Mums

Some employers overlook working mums, believing that they can't juggle work and home demands. Here's why they shouldn't be ignored.

How I Balance Work and Fatherhood

Women are often asked how they find work/life balance while professional men are not David McQueen explains how he manages work and fatherhood to beat stereoptyping.

Women in Europe. Where is best?

With Brexit casting doubt over women's rights in the UK, could it be better for women in Europe to look elsewhere? Alice Bell looks at the facts.

Long Parenting leave: career disruption not damage

The debate around long parent leave needs do be revisited. The notion of career and damage also be redefined and viewed as pause and disruption.

Me-Time repackaged as “meternity leave”

Meternity leave is newspeak for Me-Time. Having a baby should not be confused with taking a sabbatical. Flexible working should be universal in a 24/7 workplace

OPINION: Mothers of twins should ignore Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO should not be used as a benchmark for other mothers of twins. One woman tells us why.

How will men respond to illegal interview questions?

Asking women illegal interview questions is commonplace. But how would men deal with the situation if posed the same questions?
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