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Lunch & Learn – How to Cultivate Gravitas

Join Dorothy Dalton, International Career Coach on our online Lunch & Learn Coaching session that will contribute to how to you can present your best self and develop gravitas all the time.

Will Taking Multivitamins Help Boost Your Success?

Somewhere deep in the crevice of a medicine cabinet, you will have a bottle of multivitamins, forgotten. But are you missing a key to boost your success?

10 Ways to Develop Unquenchable Self-Belief

Building yourself up is hard for all of us, but with these 10 steps you can build unquenchable self belief and push yourself in ways you couldn't before.

Bill Proudman… Trump, Sexism and the Alt-Right

Has Trump really inspired more everyday sexism and emboldened the alt-right? I interviewed Bill Proudman to get his view on it.

Why do we even talk about female leadership?

Some grasp to the idea of female leadership as the key to a feminist workplace but is this gendering holding us back or even translating to the office?

4 approaches to tackling bullying in the workplace

Do you have issues with bullying in the workplace? Do you think your staff feel confident to discuss issues of unwanted behaviour? Nicki Doherty shares her four approaches to tackling unwanted behaviour and bullying in the workplace.

These 12 tips will change the way people see you and treat you

First impressions count for a lot and it can be hard to change the way people see you and even treat you. Here's 12 ways to improve your work relationships.

Spring Cleaning Isn’t Limited To Your Wardrobe, Here Are 6 Ways To Refresh Your Resume

Your resume is the key that unlocks your perfect job - don't neglect it! Here's 6 tips on how to refresh your resume and make sure you're always ready.

How to find passion in your job – 5 top tips

Dreading going to work? Lost all enthusiasm for your job? Don't give up! Here's 5 tips to find passion in your work again and go to work smiling!

You Start To Negotiate Whilst In Diapers. So Let’s Close the Friggin’ Gap.

You might say 'I can't negotiate' and hold yourself back, but you've been doing it since you were a child. It may be the key to closing the wage gap
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