Salary negotiation lines to have up your sleeve

Negotiating a salary can be daunting but being prepared is key. These 5 salary negotiation lines will help you seal the deal and earn what you deserve.

Smart negotiation tips for every career stage

Whether you are buying a house or starting a new job, negotiation skills are important to us all. Each career stage will have different priorities. The gender pay gap starts at entry level.

Dealing With Fatigue During a Negotiation

Negotiations are almost always fun, and almost never easy. Dealing with fatigue during a negotiation can be the most challenging.

When reliability is a not an asset

Reliability is not necessarily always an asset. It can prove to be a double edged sword and get you into trouble. Find out why that is.

Damned and doomed – gender blow back

Gender blow back occurs when women exhibit behaviour that is not associated with female stereotypes. Both corporate and freelance sectors are impacted.

Forget FREE-lancer! I want to be a PAID-lancer

When one writer left corporate life to become a contractor she didn't anticipate becoming a FREE-lancer rather than a PAID-lancer.

The 10 Commandments of Negotiation for Women

The 10 Commandments of Negotiation for Women - 10 key negotiation rules for professional women. How many do you break?

Negotiate flexi-time and other employee benefits

Negotiating the right employee benefits can be as professionally valuable as a salary increase. Learn tips and tricks for presenting an irresistible business case for a win-win situation for you and your company.
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