Personal Branding

7 narcissistic headlines you should drop immediately

Social media has seen a proliferation of narcissistic headlines which we need to drop. You are going to find out why!

How to rebuild a damaged online reputation mid-career

An online reputation is easily damaged. It can be repaired but sadly bad news travels fast on and offline. It's not always entry level that make mistakes.

Pop-up Power Coaching – Craft a strong success story

Learn how to craft a strong success story without bragging in only 15 minutes. Sign up for this Pop-Up Power Coaching session and take away 2 top tips you can implement immediately. Get 2016 off to a cracking start.

5 Personal Branding tips for women

Learn the process of personal branding with these 5 tips to help women promote their success stories.

Special session! Let’s debunk Personal Branding

Let's debunk personal branding! If you are overwhelmed by all the information that is out there, this is a great opportunity to cover the basics for career success.
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6 ways to grow your career confidence

Many women are not really sure how to plan and create strategies for their careers. So here are 6 simple tips to grow your career with confidence in 2015

What is Executive Presence? Magic or learned skills?

What is executive presence? Do you have it and can it be learned. Find our about the 3 pillars that make up this new branding trend
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Shannon’s Personal Branding Diary

Shannon Lewis was the winner of the Personal Branding prize at our mini-mentoring event in New York last October. She won a biz pic photo shoot and 3 personal career coaching sessions with Dorothy Dalton. Here is the first instalment of their diary. But find out what happens because Shannon wasn't really looking for career coaching or personal branding ...

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