Personal Branding

Using LinkedIn to find a New Role 

LinkedIn is the first step to networking effectively but are you selling yourself short? Here's some easy steps on how to get the most out of your profile.

6 reasons you don’t get calls from recruiters

Feel like you've done all you can but you're still not getting calls from recruiters? You could be blocking your own success. Avoid these 6 things if you want the calls to come in.

How to Grow a Personal Development Mindset

Having a strong personal development mind set can be tricky to get used to but can be the key to advancing your career and improving your self esteem. Advice from Wendy Smith.

How to Get Others to Notice You Changed

You put in the time and effort, but nobody has acknowledged how you've changed. Marcia Reynolds gives 5 way to make sure the new you gets noticed.

Dealing with Trolls a necessary skill for women

Sadly, dealing with trolls is a necessary skill that any woman with an online presence ahs to acquire. Alice Bell looks at how women can protect them selves

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

There is nothing new about the fear of missing out, but social media have made FOMO more a lot more immediate. Alice Bell asks should we switch off?

Networking to your Dream Job

Networking to your dream job? Here are some tips with you on how to build and leverage a strong network.

The psychology of women taking selfies

What is the psychology of women taking selfies? Is this really a smart move for professional women? Does a fun activity have a deeper meaning?

Same clothes every day. The latest vanity metric

Wearing the same clothes every day is the latest vanity metric. It's great when it's not an economic necessity. Find out why with Alice Bell.

7 narcissistic headlines you should drop immediately

Social media has seen a proliferation of narcissistic headlines which we need to drop. You are going to find out why!
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