Personal Branding

Lead Don’t Lean – Boost your Impact in 2017 Workshop #1

Join Sofie Ann Bracke and Dorothy at the first of 3 Workshops in Brussels to increase your impact with improved non-verbal communication. Use these tips to strengthen your position in a wide range of every day situations which women encounter daily in the workplace and in leadership roles.

What’s Hot + What’s Not in Executive Resumes – 2017

Executive resumes can be a mine field. What to include, what not. Here's 6 things you should include as well as advice on how to avoid common mistakes.

Your best job search year ever in 6 easy steps

New year, new you, new job? Follow these 6 tips on how to make your 2017 job search your best one and land a job you love.

Live streaming – hinderance or help to your brand?

Every social media site now seems to have a live streaming option. Great fun & getting your opinion out there but how can you use this for your business? What happens to your brand if you get it wrong?

7 TedX talks women leaders should watch

TedX talks are an easy and inspiring way to hear from all types of people about how to improve ourselves and our businesses. Here's 7 3Plus favourites.

9 interview follow-up tips you MUST use!

The interview may be over but your work isn't! Here's 9 things you should do in an interview follow-up to improve your chances and build your skills.

The 3 ways to instantly increase your verbal impact in any business situation

So you've had to chance to speak at an event, but nothing seemed to come of it. You could be lacking verbal impact. Here's 3 ways to make each opportunity effective.

Break the ice – the right way

Worrying about how to break the ice is top of mind in the run up to any event. Learn some quick tips that make the whole process less intimidating.

Blending in at networking – avoid it like the plague!

Ever heard someone interesting at an event, but you can't find them after to follow up? Blending in at networking could be killing your chances to grow.

Mindset – The Energy You Bring to Work Ripples Out Beyond the Workplace

We know the importance of a positive mindset for our own benefit, but your mindset affects not only those around you but those around them. A managers mindset can make or break how staff interact with them. Monique Valcour looks at how this works.
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