Presentation Skills

4 ways to influence meetings and be heard

Feeling drowned out in meetings? Ignored or talked over by bigger personalities? Here's 4 ways to influence meetings and have your say.

Top 5 Virtual Presentation Prep Hacks

Doing a virtual presentation can be daunting and there's a lot of info about the do's and don't of webinars. Here's 5 top tips to prepare for them.

Live streaming – hinderance or help to your brand?

Every social media site now seems to have a live streaming option. Great fun & getting your opinion out there but how can you use this for your business? What happens to your brand if you get it wrong?

The 3 ways to instantly increase your verbal impact in any business situation

So you've had to chance to speak at an event, but nothing seemed to come of it. You could be lacking verbal impact. Here's 3 ways to make each opportunity effective.

Master your meeting – how to make an impact

Leading a meeting it hard enough - it has to be productive but not boring. Here's 6 tips on how to keep your team engaged and get the most out of your time.

How to manage different communication styles

Communication misunderstandings are the root of so much stress in the workplace, adapting your communication styles can take the pressure of. Here's some tips to avoid getting lost in translation.

Nail your Five Minute Speech

A five minute speech can seem intimidating but is a fresh new way of doing conferences. Here Susan Heaton Wright covers how to make the most of your time.

Presenting Online – Not Hearing My Own Voice

There are a multitude of things that can go wrong when presenting online. Follow Kimberli Allen's advice to stop worrying about hearing your own voice

Pop-Up Power Coaching – 2 hot tips to look good on a Web Cam

2 take-away top tips to enhance your Presentation and be Webcam ready!
A new online coaching formula
 Pop-Up Power Coaching Sessions
   15 minutes Presentation
10 minutes Q & A
Join Kimberli Allen, International Presentation Skills coach,  in this  new series of 15 minute Pop-Up Power Coaching session followed by 10 minutes Q & A . Learn how to present […]

Managing the Technology in Virtual Presentations

If presenting online is causing concern, read Part 2 of our series. Here we cover Learning to Managing the Technology. Follow Kimberli Allen's top tips
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