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more for gender balance
Your gender balanced recruitment checklist
Getting gender balanced recruitment right can be hard, as can tackling our own bias. Here's a check list so you…
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4 tips to create an engaging presentation
Create an engaging presentation now! Presentations, when they’re good they’re good, but when they’re bad, they’re bad! Avoid death by…
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Subtle sexism – not so subtle anymore
All women at some point have experienced subtle sexism, at work or elsewhere. What happens when this crosses with racism,…
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Communicate via LinkedIn
Be Strategic When You Feature Interests on Your LinkedIn Profile
To list your interests on your LinkedIn profile or not? It can be tricky but could also be the key…
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Unconscious Bias
Time to address the bias in HR
Unconscious bias in HR is something that is not talked about very much at all. Yet it's a topic that…
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Women need a stronger online professional presence
Many women are nervous about creating a strong online professional presence. They have concerns about being searchable. Here are 5…
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self awareness
Commercial awareness is critical to career success
There's many things that can make or break your success story, commercial awareness is one of them. Make sure you…
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Threat to women's jobs conversation career
The power of potential within…
Companies has focused to long on 'talent' that they've forgotten the power of potential within new employees. Here's how to…
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4 approaches to tackling bullying in the workplace
Do you have issues with bullying in the workplace? Do you think your staff feel confident to discuss issues of…
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