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Lunch & Learn Guide to the new LinkedIn user interface

Join Dorothy Dalton, International Coach online for a Lunch and Learn Coaching Session to Make the Most of LinkedIn in 10 minutes a day with new user interface

The Danger in Using Social Media as Your Resume

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the mantra that social media is the new resume, but what are the dangers of using social media as your resume?

7 tips for the perfect professional photo

Many professional women lack a professional photo on their profiles. The saying a picture says a thousand words is really true.

How to wear leather at work – Style guide

Teresa May recently caused a stir in leather trousers. Surprisingly leather at work is a hot trend right now, here's 6 tips to get it right.

The corrosive impact of male-coded infographics

A picture paints a 1000 words, and makes lardge amounts of information digestible.But male -coded infographics are damaging and sexist.

More changes on LinkedIn – Pay to Play

With constant changes on LinkedIn it can be hard to keep up. Is the biggest professional network failing it's members? Why do we now have to pay to play? Dorothy Dalton looks at the changes and their impact.

Blending in at networking – avoid it like the plague!

Ever heard someone interesting at an event, but you can't find them after to follow up? Blending in at networking could be killing your chances to grow.

6 seconds to make an impact. Maybe not.

You may have 6 seconds or a minute, either way, not long to make an impact with your CV. How do you get yours the time it deserves? Here's some tips on making sure you're not lost in the pile.

Using LinkedIn to find a New Role 

LinkedIn is the first step to networking effectively but are you selling yourself short? Here's some easy steps on how to get the most out of your profile.

Can women really win the clothes war?

The discussion on what women should and shouldn't wear rages around the world. But can women really win the clothes war? Esther Myers takes an indepth look at the problem.
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