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Women need a stronger online professional presence
Many women are nervous about creating a strong online professional presence. They have concerns about being searchable. Here are 5…
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Objectifying women in the workplace
Michael Welp challenges men to walk in a woman’s shoes and asks: how objectifying women impacts their experience of the…
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self awareness
Commercial awareness is critical to career success
There's many things that can make or break your success story, commercial awareness is one of them. Make sure you…
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Threat to women's jobs conversation career
The power of potential within…
Companies has focused to long on 'talent' that they've forgotten the power of potential within new employees. Here's how to…
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Spring Cleaning Isn’t Limited To Your Wardrobe, Here Are 6 Ways To Refresh Your Resume
Your resume is the key that unlocks your perfect job - don't neglect it! Here's 6 tips on how to…
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Pleasing everyone but herself
Stop Living an Either-Or Life and Learn the Art of Holding Both
Life does not have to be either-or. Life can be this AND that when you are willing to do the…
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The Best Compliment You Can Get as a Leader
As a leader you can constantly worry about having all the answers and being perfect, but actually humility and owning…
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Income disparity
Why when you go into business alone, ‘cost ‘ can be the hardest word
Starting any lone business can be daunting but having to work out cost can be the worst. How do you…
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5 Steps to a More Resilient You
It's easy to get knocked down and struggle to get back up but here's 5 ways to make yourself more…
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