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3Plus Mini-Coaching: Your Brain on Self Confidence

Confidence is as important as competence for success. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost self confidence

Women need to become more active passive candidates

Women need to become more active passive candidates. It's a valuable networking opportunity

How to block and report inappropriate contact on LinkedIn

Many women cite fear of unprofessional contact on LinkedIn as a deterrent from joining. Here's how to block and report any offenders

Insight: The stand out lesson from top professional women

Insight - the stand out lesson from professional women I have come across this year.

Freelancing is a female issue

More and more women move out of corporate life and into the relatively precarious role of freelancing, independent or self-employment with unforeseen consequences.

Assertive communication (1): How to speak and be heard in meetings

Guest Coach Jenny Garrett award winning women’s coach of the year 2014 shares her assertive communication tips- how to speak and be heard in meetings. There are 2 events 2 hours apart. Choose one that suits your schedule.

Have Confidence in You to Create the Career You Want  

No matter what stage of your career you are in, it’s never too late to start developing the confidence you need to live the life and have the career you want, now!

8 tips for conquering presentation nerves

Even the most seasoned of speakers get nervous before making a presentation. Here are 8 tips to conquer those presentation nerves.

8 ways to kick start a flagging career

Women very often hold themselves back and prioritise their family commitments. Here are 8 ways to kick start a flagging career.

3Plus Mini Coaching – Learn How Happiness Delivers Results

In response to popular demand, Mary Lynn Ziemer, business woman, Master Coach and Wellness professional shows us how finding happiness delivers results! Don't miss Part 1 of a 2 Part series.

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