professional women

Are Seasoned Professional Women Given a Fair Chance at Career Success?

Bonni Crisfulli asks what are seasoned professional women to do if they are becoming “undesirables” in corporate America?

Millennial Women face the biological clock

Millennial women are sceptical about the workplace and have a different view to their mothers. Opt in, opt out or pause each decision has challenges.

Make your presence felt in meetings – Assertive Communication

Learn how to be confident and assertive in meetings to make your presence felt. Great career tips Master Coach Gilly Weinstein

The Benefits Of Coaching #Infographic

Coaching for a career or business is often considered to be an unnecessary overhead or even a luxury, especially for women. Yet the benefits of coaching are undeniable.

Queen Bee or Rival. There is a BIG difference

If a woman is ambitious and has rivals, it doesn't automatically make her a Queen Bee. Nor can the workplace be blamed. Find out why.

Avoiding ‘burnout’ Part 2: Mindfulness in 20 minutes a day

Avoiding burnout. Mindfulness each day, can not only make you healthier long-term, but potentially more effective in your daily life. Here are 11 easy tips.

You’re Interviewing and Pregnant

Whitney Johnson asks what advice would you give a young woman who is currently interviewing and pregnant while looking for a new job?

Women Who Inspire Series – Gordana Frgacic

3Plus catches up with Gordana Frgacic, HR professional, gender balance advocate and author as part of out Women Who Inspire Series

Daily habits to grow your leadership skills

Many learn leadership skills on the job. Here are some simple daily and practical habits, we can all implement to grow those skills.

Easy professional up dos for long hair

What is the best way to manage long hair to create a top business image? Here is how you can create 4 professional up dos for long hair
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