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3Plus Mini-Coaching – Leadership tips for introverts

Are you and introvert working in a culture that seems to reward and value extravert? Learn how you can power ahead with a different style to success. Ann Lewis Coach and author on The Introverted Leader will be here to answer your questions.

3Plus Mini-Coaching: Your Brain on Self Confidence

Confidence is as important as confidence for success. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost self confidence

Interview with Jenny Garrett, award winning coach and author

3Plus recently caught up with the multi-talented and faceted Jenny Garrett, recently awarded the APCTC Coach of the Year 2014. We discussed the challenges in her career and advice for professional women

Static male culture, static stats

Static male culture = static stats. Women can't be what the can't see and hear. Why we need gender balanced conference panels

Check list for powerful Virtual Presentations

You must first learn the art of presenting in the virtual environment in order to keep your virtual audience engaged and inspired, for them to take the next step. Read Kimberli Allen's simple checklist

Negotiation script is the issue, not gender

A trained negotiator will always have a better script than someone who has not been trained. Negotiation skills are learned. Learn why from Victoria Pynchon.

How to dress for summer in the city

Temperatures are rising and making wardrobe selection is always challenging. Find out how to dress for summer to look cool, collected and professional with Claire Soper, 3Plus Image consultant

3Plus Mini-Coaching: How to create a career strategy

Research suggests that women fail to create a career strategy so they are caught unawares when a problem arises. Learn how to create a career strategy.

Granny daycare: a growing childcare solution

Grandparents are becoming important daycare solutions looking after their grandchildren. Dorothy Dalton explores the experience of a number of women.

Female Breadwinner? 3 Top Tips to make it work

Jenny Garrett, Award Winning Executive Coach, founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership and coaching consultancy and author or Rocking Your Role shares her 3 top tips for how to make it work as a female breadwinner.

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