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3Plus Mini-Coaching: Your Brain on Self Confidence

Confidence is as important as confidence for success. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost self confidence

Assertive communication (1): How to speak and be heard in meetings

Guest Coach Jenny Garrett award winning women’s coach of the year 2014 shares her assertive communication tips- how to speak and be heard in meetings. There are 2 events 2 hours apart. Choose one that suits your schedule.

3Plus Mini Coaching – Learn How Happiness Delivers Results

In response to popular demand, Mary Lynn Ziemer, business woman, Master Coach and Wellness professional shows us how finding happiness delivers results! Don't miss Part 1 of a 2 Part series.

How to be on trend with a professional dress code

How to build up a basic professional wardrobe in line with a dress code which is not frumpy. It is possible to look professional and fashionable. Work wear staples for the under 30s

Letter to 18 Year Old Me

What life advice would you give to your 18 year old self. Read Zsuzanna Ferenczy's wonderful " Letter to 18 Year Old Me"

9 reasons you should stop eating at your desk

Many women with a need to leave the office on time to get home for childcare responsibilities has meant that we have all become glued to our desks during our lunch breaks. Read about the downsides of this bad habit and why we should break it.

Gifts for the Professional Women on Your List 2015

Wondering what to buy for the professional women in your life? Wondering what to suggest THEY buy for YOU? Wonder no longer. See 3Plus International's gift recommendations. Order with a single click.

Living a Life of Gratitude Will Result in Success

Living a life of gratitude will result in success. 3Plus columnist Anita Bugan shares how the love of her job has helped not just her patients but herself.
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Interview with Lisa Schenk 3Plus Women Who Inspire Series

Women who Inspire, another addition to our series hearing the insights from Lisa Schenk. Lisa has over 20 years experience helping companies and individuals develop strategies for success, build high performing teams, and develop world-class communication.

Don’t forget these 10 questions when negotiating your salary

You got the call. They want to hire you. But stop.. don't forget to ask these 10 questions when negotiating your salary.Very often we get so caught up in our own success, key questions related to the offer and our futures with a new organisation or role, go out of the window.

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