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3Plus Mini-Coaching: Your Brain on Self Confidence

Confidence is as important as confidence for success. Learn how to rewire your brain to boost self confidence

Don’t forget these 10 questions when negotiating your salary

You got the call. They want to hire you. But stop.. don't forget to ask these 10 questions when negotiating your salary.Very often we get so caught up in our own success key questions related to the offer and our futures with a new organisation or role go out of the window.

3 Easy Tips to Develop and Rally Your Relationships

While I believe being positive and possessing strong self-motivation are essential to ensuring your success, building reliable relationships is equally important. And knowing how to rally these relationships is absolutely critical.

Women Who Inspire Series Interview with Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Dr. Tanvi Gautam is an award winning diversity and inclusion specialist and HR thought leader splitting her time between Asia and the US. Read her words and thoughts of wisdom in this 3Plus Women Who Inspire series.

5 Ways to Get Connected and Network to Success

Women tend to make their way in the business world differently than men, but, one of the things they could do better is build a strong business network.

10 easy ways to develop communication skills

Leaders and executives need to be able to communicate their ideas. Here are 10 easy ways to develop those communication skills that will wow an audience..

4 ways to fast track your career with international experience

International know-how is becoming a career imperative for tomorrow's executives. Read about 4 ways you can fast track your career with international experience.

Women Who Inspire: Eva Steortz President, Co Founder of Vita Creativa

Continuing our Women Who Inspire series, Eva Steortz is President, Co Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of Vita Creativa With a degree in marketing, mass communications and advertising, she moved seamlessly into the film industry where she has carved out a successful career in sales and marketing. Read her insights and advice

F: Family Matters

Family is the stronghold of us as we age. Family matters.

3 Tips to avoid Monday morning blues

How do you feel on Sunday nights? Positive and raring to go, or with a dose of Monday morning blues? Here are 3 tips to change your approach to Mondays!

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