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Leadership tips for introverts

Are you and introvert working in a culture that seems to reward and value extravert? Learn how you can power ahead with a different style to success. Ann Lewis Coach and author on The Introverted Leader will be here to answer your questions.
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Career Clinic: How to create a career strategy

Research suggests that women fail to create a career strategy so they are caught unawares when a problem arises. Learn how to create a career strategy.
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Don’t Ban Bossy – Be a Leader

The word bossy has pejorative undertones. Megan Jones suggests this is a really a compliment and a necessary skill for any leader male or female.

Lack of career planning hurts professional women

Growing research suggests that women can do more for themselves to advance their own careers and a lack of career strategy and planning is hurting them long term.

Why women speakers on stage matters

Why having women on stage is important as role models for future generations of women.

6 Culture Tips for Advancing Professional Women

Eureka! Finally, a short suite of solutions with a track record for advancing professional women. The difference maker? Culture change, in addition to helping women develop the right professional muscles to succeed.
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Feedback for professional women. He says …she says

Both men and women want to be understood, but there is no doubt that differences in communication style impact the feedback process, between executives and professional women. As more and more women climb corporate ranks and men dominate the upper echelons of the organisational structure, it's becoming increasing important not just to acknowledge those differences but to address them too.

Women Working Together: The Unspoken Rules

Do you know the secret rules at play for women working together. Do you even know these rules exist? You couldn't possibly know because Rule 9 states, "Don't discuss the rules."
  • Big isn't always better
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    Organizational size and job search: Big Isn’t Always Better

Organizational size and job search: Big Isn’t Always Better

With extensive experience in all types of organizations, Susan Popoola advises anyone looking to make a fresh start in 2014 to consider other options for their job search. She says big isn't always better.
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How to Be the Hero of Your Career Success Story

A woman can be the hero of her own career success by losing the idea that princes and wizards will deliver her dreams. Follow Dorothy of Oz or Alice in Wonderland, instead.
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