How To Give Feedback That Helps People Grow

Giving feedback is a difficult balance even for an experienced manager. Learn how to inspire change rather than hostility and help your employees improve.

Moving on from break-up grief

Break-up grief can be a combination of personal and global trauma. Here's how to identify and deal with your grief in a healthy way.

7 ways to move on from rejection

How you move on from rejection - It can be wake-up call that action is needed to get back on track or correct a problem which can become an opportunity to try something different.

Why women vent – it’s not always good for you

Having a good vent can feel therapeutic and even seem positive, but really its damaging your self-esteem and work relationships. Here's how to change.

4 ways to improve your relationship with your boss

Managing up has a bad rep but it's actually a great way to improve your relationship with your boss. Here's 4 tips to do it well.

A brief history of the Housewife

Cook, cleaning and child minder - the life of the housewife seems to have never changed. Untrue, Take a look at how housewives have changed over the years.

Five top tips on overcoming loneliness as a Sole Trader

Being a sole trader can be challenging, rewarding but it can also be lonely. Here's 5 ways to start overcoming loneliness, improving your mood and business!

5 Steps for Dealing with Cynical and Negative People

Constantly dealing with negative people can sap your energy and ruin your day. Here's 5 ways to protect your own mood and help them too.

Respond with love, say NO to drama and gossip

It can be easy to get caught up in negativity, drama and gossip. Learn to say no and instead respond with love; you'll be happier for it in the long run.

7 Ways (and More) to Reduce Stress

We now that stress is bad for our health, but how do we reduce stress in the real world? Here's 7 ways to manage stress and improve your health.
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