unconscious bias

Why do women indulge “boys’ banter”?

Boys banter seems to be increasing with a higher level of tolerance even from women in positions of power. What does this mean for ordinary women? With insights from Dion Johnson.

Managing Unconscious Bias – A practical workshop

This workshop with Dorothy Dalton and the Professional Women's Network in Dubai is for professional women providing a brief overview to the role of unconscious bias in both our professional and personal lives.

Parental career advice is 20 years too late

Your parental career advice though well intentioned, is probably 20 years too late. It started way before you even knew you were giving it.

The silly season for sexism

It seems to be a silly season for sexism with no sector immune from the nonsense and the ill considered remarks of men who should know better .

#HRTechWorld addresses gender balance in Tech

#HRTechWorld stops skirting around a key issue and addresses the pink elephant in the room. Gender balance in Tech.

OPINION: The term career woman needs to go

The term career woman is outdated damaging and laden with implicit stereotyping. It needs to go.

9 sexist experiences women encounter daily

9 sexist experiences or unconscious bias women encounter daily from both men and women.

Top 5 videos that highlight and tackle unconscious bias

3Plus Top videos to highlight and manage unconscious bias and gender stereotyping

How to pick jewelry for an interview – 8 dos and don’ts

How do you pick jewelry for an interview. Diamonds are a girls' best friend.... or are they? 8 dos and don'ts for interviews

Conchita: overcoming unconscious bias

Unconscious bias exists in us all. For true inclusion we need to become aware of how it impacts our professional behaviour. Organisations also need to educate us on how this can influence workplace culture
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