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How to approach a lifetime of Employability
How to approach a long life of employability With an ever increasing life expectancy comes an ever increasing lifetime of…
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Want to Do Big Things? Light Your Fire to Make the Leap
How to light your fire and push yourself It’s easy to get stuck in the day in day out of…
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slowing down
Why slowing down could be good for your career
How slowing down can make you work better On holiday we seem to have more time to enjoy the small…
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Freelance Mums
Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums
You’ve got children. You’ve got a career. You’ve got a dilemma. Summer holiday survival guide for freelance mums by Elizabeth…
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5 Must-Dos to Avoid the Breaking Point in Your Life and Leadership
Don’t hit your breaking point Work, life, relationships. It can all pile up and eventually lead to a breaking point.…
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Working daughter
How To Support Workers With Parents: Are You Ready for Daughter Care?
How To Support Workers With Parents While most companies today recognize the need to support working parents, too few have…
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Menstrual Leave becomes a mainstream debate
The taboos around menstrual leave and cycles are being lifted Why we are talking about women and their periods in…
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Pregnancy pasue
Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile?
Should you put a pregnancy pause on your LinkedIn Profile? Do you really need to explain your career gap to…
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Limit me
The struggle with workplace boundaries
Workplace boundaries are often perceived as being about work life balance. But sometimes the hi-jacking of your head space is…
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