What is maturity? Making choices: Lighting a Torch for Women
Lighting a torch for women

Lighting a torch for women  -making choices

Making Choices

When Dorothy Dalton asked me to write this post, she suggested something from a mature perspective. Well, given my years (I got engaged on my 6oth birthday, quite a while ago now), it was a fair enough request. But it left me pondering! What is maturity and was it really a quality I possessed
I think maturity is about having the confidence when making choices while recognising that balance in life, and peace of mind, will probably require some compromise.

At some point you recognise that if you choose to climb Everest, you will probably have to give something up and, of course, you will need to put effort in.

For me one of the greatest challenges is balancing my life as a private woman with my life as a business woman; maintaining confidence in my femininity while being confident in myself as a senior professional.  If I can get that right, I can go out there and climb my personal Everest!

So what do I do? Well, among other things I turn to the person who seems to get that particular challenge just right, my mentor! Yes at 60+ I have a mentor! And my mentor is amazing; chic, bright, bubbling with enthusiasm and a brilliant coach; she is now in her 70s. It is great to have to someone who has been there before me and can talk me through my choices while sharing her experience.

And having received, I know I have to give.

Having received such wonderful mentoring, leaves me with a responsibility to be there for the generations of women coming after!   I believe each generation of women has a responsibility to pass on the torch that lights the way to women coming after us; so that they can find their rightful place in the counsels of the world, bringing their particular gifts femininity, strength and maturity.

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