Passion, boldness and quiet intention
Passion can take many forms

Passion can take many forms

I have never been described as bold.  I have never beaten my chest about anything; taken up placards in protest; or been found shouting my outrage for all to hear (except perhaps after a glass or two and only in the presence of my immediate family who invariably roll their eyes in sufferance).  For this reason, I thought myself to be a bit, well, wishy-washy.

When people asked the question, “What is your passion?” I squirmed just a little because my vision of being passionate had always included a kind of drum beating and extraversion that simply didn’t fit with my view of myself.

In recent years though, I have discovered that passion takes many forms. For me, it is called quiet intention.  I have plenty of that.

My quiet intention asks me to focus on leaving the world a better place than I found it.  I can be intentional about that.   I can, with intention and purpose, work with others to improve how we lead and how we are led.  I can, through my own intentional actions, promote love, kindness, empathy, civility and tolerance in my household, community, country and world.

I can intentionally support those who boldly go where no woman has gone before; applaud their courage, their passion and their sense of adventure.  And, I can be there for them when they are weary and need a little TLC.

I can stand my ground, with quiet intent, when others step over lines and trample that which I value most and those who are important to me. I can do all that, and more, and never raise my voice, carry a placard or pretend to be someone else.  I can lead, and follow, in service of my quiet intention.

The bottom line is this. Whether you are fabulously bold, quietly intent, positively passionate or something else, please know that there is room for all of it and know too, that this present world has never needed it more.

So tell me, what is it for you?

Gwyn Teatro

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Gwyn Teatro is the author of internationally acclaimed leadership blog " You're not the boss of me" . She is a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters of Science degree in Management. With career experience spanning financial services and HR, Gwyn has coached, senior business leaders and groups on leadership, organizational effectiveness and strategic business planning. Although now technically retired, she continues to have a keen interest in leadership development and helping leaders (or those who aspire to be), find their success.


  • Victoria says:

    Well said! I found that I left a career for which I was willing to carry banners on the street to one that just seemed right and good. And, well, it seemed bland. Now I can see it’s like going for the sweet caring man in your long term relationship. You genuinely care and are willing to be an everyday hero to do it. And it has its rewards which you cherish. You’re just probably not going to make the headlines, but then, you don’t want to.

    • Gwyn Teatro says:

      Victoria ~ I love the notion of being willing to be an everyday hero. We are not all called upon to lead from the front but we can appreciate and lead the way in ways that fit best for us. Thank you for sharing your experience and for this little piece of wisdom.

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