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In March, 2013, seventy-five women attended Silicon Valley’s Mini-Mentoring event sponsored by Altera Corporation. Participants were asked to write down and pay forward the best advice they heard from the evening’s mentors. Here’s the mentoring they wanted to share with you, our readers.

Altera sponsored Mini-Mentoring

Altera sponsored Mini-Mentoring

Leadership Inspirations and Aspirations

Let people know what inspires you. Tell them about your talents and your aspirations.

Think about yourself in the context of everything you have to offer, not in the context of how others see or judge you.

Be a leader you’d want to follow.

Create an extraordinary environment.

Creating a safe place for people is a quality of leadership.


Know and Challenge Yourself

Hire an editor for you inner critic.

Face your fears. Let you palms sweat.

Throw perfection out the window to decrease your stress.

To step outside your comfort zone, don’t wait until you’re comfortable. Step out when you’re just okay with it.

Stop saying ‘sorry’.

Don’t wallow in it. Give yourself 24 hours and then be done with it. (For tips on how, see below).


Mentoring works.

Get a mentor and a sponsor.

Seek out the person you want as a mentor and ask them.

Create a board of directors for brand YOU.

Get an executive coach to take your career to the next level.

Promote yourself subtly. Insert your experience without bragging.

Let people know what you know – your talents and your skills.

As women, we often try to fit in too long. If it’s not working make the change to a new environment.

Be credible and get visible.

Get Over It

Heads nodded when a MiniMentoring panelist talked about her own and other women’s ability to wallow in it. But getting over it is easier said than done…until… you follow these tips.

Be Aware of the wallowing voice inside your head. Just like the refrigerator’s soft hum, it’s constantly running in the background. You may not know it’s there, until it stops. So pay attention. Listen up. Hear the voice, then…

Let Go the words. Once you hear the voice, see the words in your mind’s eye. You might see them on a piece of paper, fortune cookie style, or trailing behind an airplane, banner style. Next, picture a helium balloon. Choose any color you like. Red works well because you can see it clearly against any color sky. Tie the words to the balloon. Open the window, and let it go, into the breeze, up up and far away. Watch the red balloon and the words as they disappear.

Rinse and Repeat The words will return. That’s the nature of wallowing, and we’ve all been doing it a long time. We’re very very good at it.

When the voice inside your head returns, a minute or two later, DON’T CRITICIZE YOURSELF OR WALLOW IN THE FACT THAT THE WORDS HAVE COME BACK. Just be aware, but this time hear an additional and different conversation in a different voice. This new voice is your inner critic’s editor. She might say something like this. “Oh, here come those words again. They’re just words. It’s so interesting how quickly and automatically they can find me.” Then get another balloon. Tie the words to it. Open the window and let it go.

Rinse and Repeat as often as necessary. Over time and with practice, you’ll find the voice isn’t around so much. One day she may even be gone, forever. I guarantee you won’t miss her.

Mini-Mentoring Beauties

Mini-Mentoring Beauties

Note: You’ll find great tips about highlighted phrases in this post when you “Click”.

Does your company need more women in leadership roles? Sponsoring a Mini-Mentoring will help.



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