Professional photos: Ladies where are your clothes?

by | Oct 31, 2013

Ladies where are your clothes?

Is this a professional image ?

Professional photos and image 

I’m usually the first person to come to the defence of young people.  Recently, I’ve noticed a phenomenon with a number of young ladies that I cannot however defend.

Who knows, this may be an occasion for someone to defend them from me.

 It’s a concern that I have about professional image. You see I’ve noticed a number of you on professional websites like LinkedIn and I must say it’s great to see you there – especially when you outline your qualifications, your professional achievements to date and go on to articulate the things that you would like to do going forward.  I do, however, become somewhat concerned when I look at the accompanying so called professional photos of some of you and I can’t see the clothes on you’re wearing. All I can see is bare shoulders, backs or cleavage.

It’s not that you’re not wearing clothes, I’m confident that you are. It’s just that you’ve chosen to wear something that has a low cut or the photograph has been taken in an angle that creates a certain image.  I’ve met some of you and spent time having intelligent conversations with. It’s after such a conversation that I have often come across your online profile and I must say that your photo does not align to the impression that I have of you and I’m left feeling a bit confused about the impression that you are trying to create.

I suspect that if you work/want to work in any professional environment; you are unlikely to dress like this. Your photo should align to the professional image that you would like to create.

The professional image that you may be creating through your photo image may put you at risk. At risk, that people will not consider you for opportunities because they see you as unprofessional.  At risk, that if you are given an opportunity that people may not take you as seriously as they should. At a further risk that people may behave inappropriately towards you because of the image you have created.

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