BringBackOurGirls – Outraged

There are some diversities I don’t want to understand. At this moment I don’t want to understand what leads people to their warped views about the world and about their place in that world. I want these views and the actions they lead to…gone. Just plain gone.

I don’t want to understand the mentality, the culture, the world view, or the life experience that leads men to treat girls like things, like property, to kidnap them, to rape them, to marry them against their will.

I am outraged. I want to be outraged. I thinks it’s important and appropriate to be outraged. I think we should all be outraged about the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls.

I have a vision that all of us, EVERY PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD, is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with # BringBackOurGirls, until each and everyone one of the school girls is safely returned home.

To the terrorist kidnappers:

WHO gives YOU the right to treat human beings this way?
WHAT belief system demands such inhumanity?
What rationale do you call on to justify your behavior?

You were born from a woman.

Your mother suffers because of you.

Hundreds of school girls suffer because of you.

Their mothers suffer because of you.

Is that your goal – to spread suffering in the world?

# BringBackOurGirls

Imagine being the mother of one of these school girls.


# bringbackourgirls









Imagine that you see her on a video released by the terrorists.

What is in your heart?

How badly is it broken?
How many tears do you shed?
How many screams emerge from deep within?
How do you tolerate the helplessness?

Where do you put man’s inhumanity to women and girls?

# BringBackOurGirls

Whether you share my outrage or have a different view, your views are welcome here. Who knows, maybe your words will help me realize once again that understanding is a road to peace, or maybe not.

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Dr. Anne Perschel
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  • Gwyn Teatro says:

    Dear Anne ~ I can’t even begin to understand the mentality
    of men who view women as chattels for their own use and gratification. While it seems they believe they have
    been given some god-given power to hold sway over the female population, the
    loathing with which they seize and wield that power is horrifying. We might call these men animals
    but that would do a disservice to animals that, to the best of my layperson’s
    knowledge, do not treat their own species in such a monstrous way.

    My heart hurts for those whose daughters have been snatched
    so brutally. And it hurts for the
    future of humanity when so much of the World is entrenched in extreme religious
    dogma that promotes and encourages actions based, not on love, but fear,
    disdain and a grossly distorted sense of superiority.

    The superiority of man over woman is a myth perpetuated by
    the ignorant. It comes from those
    who lack confidence in their own abilities to thrive in a World where respect
    is a shared proposition and love trumps hate. Thus endeth my rant.
    Thank you for the opportunity. #BringBackOurGirls

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