Female Breadwinner? 3 Top Tips to make it work

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female breadwinner

Ever thought of yourself as a female breadwinner?  If you are in a relationship and earn more than your partner, you will be a member of this growing band of women.

Perhaps you take it in your stride, always knew it would be this way, or maybe it was thrust upon you unexpectedly due to illness, redundancy, or it just made financial sense.

Whatever the reason, on paper earning more than your partner shouldn’t be an issue, after all you are supporting your family, but emotions such as resentment, guilt and anger can fester under the surface on both sides and cause real problems if not tackled.

Here are 3 Top Tips from to make your role as female breadwinner work:

1.    [Tweet “Ditch the Guilt”]

Guilt is a rule that you create that you decide that you cannot break.  List those rules and reevaluate them for your life now as female breadwinner and then rewrite them. Being the female breadwinner should be an enjoyable time for you.  Ditch the guilt and use that energy to enjoy your life.

2.    [Tweet “Smart Women Get Support”]

Trust that others can cope and that you don’t need to control everything. Share responsibility with your family, partner and work colleagues, you will be relieved from guilt because the load is no longer all on your shoulders. It will empower them to step up and learn new skills and you never know they may even do it better.

3.   [Tweet “Let your work place know that you mean business”]


There is a still a gender pay gap around the world, with an  in built bias that women don’t need to earn as much because their partners will support them.  With the rise of female breadwinners, this is no longer true and more employers need to understand that by paying women less they are hurting families. Don’t be afraid to show your ambition, you may even want to share with your boss that you are the main earner so that they realise how important your earning potential is.


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