Must know tips for Mindful Eating

by Dec 7, 2014

Mindful Eating

Cultivating a mindful life means paying attention to each present moment, whether you’re walking, talking, meeting or eating.



Mindful eating

Mindful Eating

One powerful and convenient way to practice mindfulness is to bring simple awareness to eating. In our non-stop culture, we’re always on the GO – eating on the run. In the name of convenience, we’re consuming “fast food” and snacks that are devoid of nutrients and laced with harmful chemicals. Many of these so-called foods are farmed and manufactured in conditions that would make our ancestors roll in their graves.

Often we experience discomfort after these mindless meals, attributed to portion, preparation, pace or process. How much did you eat? How was the food prepared? How fast did you consume it? Was it fresh or processed?

Food sensitivities, Gluten intolerance, and indigestion can best be addressed by placing awareness on what goes into your body and how it makes you feel. Sounds easy, but somewhere along the way, it seems that we’ve lost our vital connection between mind and body.

We’ve stopped tuning in and questioning ourselves about our state of being in any given moment. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s the foundation of mindfulness. Exploring how you feel physically and emotionally provides valuable insights into ingrained behaviors and disempowering patterns.

In his recent book, “What are You Hungry For?” Deepak Chopra, MD asks the question that may effectively turn this country’s obesity epidemic and billion-dollar weight-loss industry on their respective ears.

Dr. Chopra’s book tackles the issues of overeating and eating disorders by encouraging the reader to mindfully explore what they are really hungering for; is it food? Or is it acknowledgment, attention, acceptance and appreciation?

Do you know what you are hungry for?

How do you know what foods are good or bad for you, or more importantly what you’re really hungry for until you begin paying attention? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee (and everything else you consume in the name of nourishment), and take those first empowering steps to mindful eating.

Try these two simple strategies which are key to mindful eating:

1.  Keep a MINDFUL EATING JOURNAL. For one week, write down when and what you eat and HOW YOUR BODY FELT after each meal. After a meal, pause for a moment and place your hand on your stomach. Close your eyes and bring full attention to your breath. Ask yourself, “How do I feel? Stuffed? Satisfied, Unfulfilled?” Mentally revisit the components of the meal and the circumstances surrounding it (sitting, eating in the car or at your desk, relaxed or rushed). Observe your patterns with one intention in mind; feed yourself food that makes your body and mind feel GOOD.

2. MINDFUL EATING MEDITATION is simply eating a meal (or a single item, such as a raisin or strawberry) using all of your senses to explore the look, smell, feel and taste. Use your eyes to note the color, texture and other distinguishing features. Use your nose to smell the aroma. Place one bite of food in the mouth, using your sense of touch to feel the food resting on the tongue. Bite into the food, allowing the flavors to be released, and then swallow.


Join the slow food movement and mind your food, by bringing your awareness to each meal that you eat and every bite you take.



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Cassie is a mind/body medicine practitioner, trained in MBSR Certification with the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Medical School. Cassie’s professional experience includes 25 years as a Fortune 500 National Sales & Marketing Executive for Eastman and Office Depot’s Business Services Division, where she led her team to year-over-year national sales awards. A healthy survivor of MS (multiple sclerosis), Cassie knows personally the toxic impact of chronic stress and has made it her business to deliver a potent message of wellness to individuals, community and corporate groups.

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