Why an office workout should be on your daily to do list – now!

by | Jan 19, 2015

Office work out!

Office work out!

We already know that you spend most of your time in the office.  We also think it is a safe bet to say that: “I need to exercise more!” probably made it somewhere near the top of your New Year resolution list. That's the main reason we decided to start this new article series.

We will try and help you to stay fit and healthy even though you probably can't make it to the gym on a daily basis.

An office workout is a great way to relax and exercise during a busy day. We will give you some quick and simple exercises that won't take too much time or require any extra equipment that might turn your office into a home gym.

But before we start with exercising it's important to get properly motivated.

Top reasons why office workout should be part of your daily routine:

It will increase your productivity

Researchers carried out a study in the UK and asked 200 workers to to complete questionnaires about their mood and performance on days when they exercised and days when they didn't. Six out of ten workers said their performance improved when they exercised. They were participating in activities such as yoga, aerobics and even team sports for 30-60 minutes daily. We know that some companies might not have resources to provide employees with these activities, but we will be making small steps here and recommend you simple (no need for equipment) workout tips.

Physical activity can help you handle stress

This is one of the most common benefits of exercising. It reduces stress and helps your body to deal with already existing tension.

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Get more done and boost your brain power

Regular exercising can boost memory among adults too. You will feel more relaxed and at the same time get more done. Not every day can be your gym day, but on those days you can try working out at you office.

It will improve your mood

[Tweet "Physical activity stimulates brain chemicals that can make you feel happier."]

Increase those endorphins with just a small amount of exercise.

It will boost your energy

Exercising helps your cardiovascular system to work more effectively thus increasing your endurance.

These are only some of the benefits of workout and they will increase over time. For starters, try this simple routine we found, that will help you lift the weight off your shoulders, strengthen your backside, move around and show you how to do simple wall push-ups. Oh, and no need for gym equipment here as we promised.

Let us know in the comments below how it goes.  Are you willing to commit to office workout routines?


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